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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nepal is the second richest country after Brazil in the world in water.

Nepal is the second richest country after Brazil in the world in water. It is small in area but naturally, it is very important country in the universe. Water is very important source in the natural sources. In Nepal, there are six thousands small and big rivers flow. Their width is 45 thousand kilometers. The power of water is two lakhs two thousand million cubic. From this water resource around 83 thousand megawatt (MW) electricity can produce and provide irrigation facility for 80 hectares of land. Technologically and economically around thirty-two thousand mega watt (32,000 MW) from Karnali River, twenty-two thousand megawatt (22,000 MW) from Koshi River, twenty-one thousand megawatt 21,000 MW) from Gandaki River and eight thousand megawatt (8,000 MW) from other Rivers has potentiality to produce electricity. Then total productivity power of electricity is 83,000 MW.

Likewise, attractive Lakes, Glacier, Waterfalls, spring are located in Nepal.

Coconut is a main harvest of Maldives.

Maldives is a one nation of SAARC where has not any river. It is called “Flower of the Indies”. The daily post of Maldives is Asfathis/Havearu. Coconut is a main harvest of this country. SAARC Chamber of Commerce at Dhaka established SAARC Product Council on 1995 (2052 BS Mansir 27) and divided SAARC countries for different product, through this Maldives for Sea Product.

Independence Day of Maldives is on 26 July.

National Flowers of SAARC Country

Nepal ………… Rhododendron
India ………….. Lotus
Pakistan ………. Jasmine
Bangladesh ........ Shalpa
Sri Lanka ……... Blue Water Lily
Bhutan ………... Blue Poppy
Maldives ……… Pink Rose

Monday, December 6, 2010


YasraGumba is the Tibetan named of plant. In Tibetan language, “Yachara” means rainy grass & Kumba means winter insect. Winter insect is only inside the land & in the rainy season from these insects mouth one kind of soft grass crop out like mushroom. It swings when wind is not also because of the crop from mouth of lining creature. It finds above 15,000 feet of mountain parts. From the drink of this, sex excitement grows and energy increases on body.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

14 zones of Nepal name in this basic:

  • Basic name from River : Bagmati, Bheri, Mahakali, Mechi, Karnali, Koshi, Gandaki, Narayani, Rapti & Seti.
  • Basic name from Mountain : Sagarmatha & Dhaulagire.
  • Basic name from Religious place : Janakpur & Lumbini.

Bagmati River

Bagmati River is located in inside of Kathmandu valley. It is main, religiously and historically important river. It flows towards the bank of Pashupatinath temple. The width of this river is 163 kilometers. it source is Bagdwar. Sub River of this river are Tukucha, Manhara, Dhobikhola, Nakhkhu Khola, Hanumante and Bhachakhuse.

Sagarmatha or Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the English name of ‘Sgarmatha’. It is the highest peak or mountain in the world. It locates in Nepal of Solukhumbu district and Mahalangur HimSrinkhola, which is rich in various beautiful places, mountains, peaks, rivers, temples, religious, religion, etc.
Its height is 8,848 meters or 29,028 feet. This mount is all worlds people attractive center point because of the tallest shape than other shape of the earth. First Tenjing Norge Sherpa of Nepal and Sir Admond Hilaari of Newzerland climbed the Mount Everest on May 29, 1953. Baburam Acharya an eminent person of history of Nepal had give name Sagarmatha on 1956. Before this, its peak name was Peak XV. Sarveyar George Everest of London had visited mountains of Nepal on 1965 then from his name gives the name “Mount Everest” for Sagarmatha.
Jhomolonma in Chinese language and Mitigute Chapulongana in Tibetan language called for Sagarmatha.
The first woman was Junko Tabee of Japan, who climbed Mount Everest. Actually, world highest peak Sagarmatha is a unique gift of Nature.

Friday, November 5, 2010

All in three's group

Tripitak: a collection of the precepts of the Buddha; 1) Vinaya, 2) Abhidhamma & 3) Sutta Pitakas

Tridosh: the three humours of the body; 1) Phlegm, 2) Bile & 3) Wind
Triyan; the three vehicles of Buddhism; 1) Mahayana, 2) Hinayana & 3) Vajrayana
Triyug: the three Yugas; 1) Satya, 2) Treta & 3) Dwapar
Triratna: the three meals; 1) Gold, 2) Copper  & 3) Silver
Trilok: the three worlds; 1) Heaven, 2)Earth & 3) Hell
Triwarna: the three main colors; 1) Black, 2) Red & Yellow
Trikal: the three times; 1) Past,  2) Present & 3) Future                              Or 1) Morning, 2) Noon & 3) Evening
Trishakti: the three godly powers; 1) Desire, 2) Knowledge & 3) Performance
Triwarga: three human pursuits;  1) Love, 2) Duty &  3) Wealth

Tridewa: the Hindu trinity; 1) Gods Brahma, 2) Vishnu & 3) Shiva
Trifala: the three myroblans/ a mixture of three myrobalans; 1) Terminalia chebula, 2) Emblica Officinalis 3) Cherryplum
Tripurus: persons of three generations: 1) Father, 2) Grandfather & 3) Great grandfather

Trimadhu: a mixture of three sweets; 1) Ghee or butter, 2) Sugar & 3) Honey
Trikut:  1) Dry Ginger, 2) Black Pepper & 3) Peepala
Trigun: three qualities; 1) Sattwa or Soul, 2) Quality of passion & 3) Spirit tama

Three kinds of pain; 1) Spiritual, 2) First Vedic & 3) Material
Tridosh: the three faults; 1) Speech or promise, 2) Bile & 3) Cough
Trilinga: three genders; 1) Male, 2) Female & 3) Neuter
Three ways of feelings; 1) Literature, 2) Music & 3) Arts
Three truths 1) Image, 2) Practical & 3) Other menses

Short related matter with Buddha

Location of Buddha’s (a follower of Gautam Buddha) excursion;
Swyambhu Mahawihar  in Nepal
Tripitak Mahawihar in Tibet                   
Tamrasila Wihar in Sri Lanka 
Bikramsila Wihar in India
Tachhyasila Wihar in Pakistan
Swarnsila Wihar in Thailand

Note: - “Mahawihar” means “Great Excursion”.

Four dwellings of Bauddha Religion:-
Lumbini, the Birthplace of Lord Buddha
Bodhgaya, where Buddha gets Buddhato
Saranatha, the first Precept
Kushenagar, Mahaparinirwan

Tripitak is a main composition of Buddha religion. Pitakas are three in this book. Sukti, Binaya and Abhidhamma are three Pitakas. Precept of Buddha in Sukti Pitaka, rules that to obey by mendicants and exhibition of Buddha are written.

Meaning of five colors related with Buddha religion;
Blue means body of Buddha.
Red means Blood of Buddha.
Yellow means the root of word Asthidhatu
Dark Red means mind of Buddha.
White color means teeth of Buddha

Where who see God?

A farmer says on paddy.
A gentle says on respect/prestige.
A rich says in money.
A poor says in heart.
Newar (one kind of caste of Nepal) says at Bhimsen Thaan (a religious place of Newari people).
A singer of Hymn says in song of praise.
A demon in drinking devil.
A butcher says in drinking blood.
A listener says in ear.
Singer says in singing.
Player of musical instrument says in tune/loom/warp.
A proud says in an intimation/sign/ a hint.
Acharya (educated person or MA passed person) says in Gita’s spirit marrow.
Mechanic says in electronic wave.
Hooligan (a showy person or a dandy) says in massacre bloodshed.
Thief says in thorny bar.
A goldsmith says in gold necklace.
Portion says in bell metal jug.
A scientist says in computer.
Judge says in authority or rights.
Child says in sweet bread (a kind of circular Nepali loaf, sweet sel).
A woman says in the paternal home of her (the maternal home of married woman) oil.
Player says in his/her own game.
Boatman says in big surge (spate or flood or torrent).
Prisoner says in dark jail.
Jailer says on hand’s irons.
The public says in unity.
A leader says in the net/snare/trap fraud.

Historic information about Nepal

Meaning and origin of word “Nepal
Nepal is regarded as a cultural form of ‘Nepa’ word. Tibetan calls ‘Nepa’ for Nepal. Because in Tibetans ‘Ne’ means ‘Centre’ and ‘Pa’ means ‘Country’. In another language of Tibet ‘Ne’ means ‘home’ and ‘Pal’ means ‘wool’, Therefore calls wool’s home.
It explains in feeder chronicle and Sknda Puran’s himawatokhanda (a part of Purans (Purans means Hindu mythology) or Himalayan obstacle) that “Ne” ascetic feeds so this part of the earth named as Nepal.

“Nepa” the only name is used by Newar, which goes after Nepal.

Nepal is mention due to the installation Pashupatinath by Gopal named ‘Nep’. Nep called to the generation of Gopal. Theirs house called Nepal.

The addition of a suffix ‘Aal’ (aal means place) onto ‘Nep’ (lap of mountain) and says Nepal in Sanskrit language.

Nepal means a smooth ground in Limbu language. Here some places are usually cultivated lands so it is Nepal.

Note: It needs more to research in this subject because there is not finding out same opinion whether there are various views in origin of Nepal.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hair Tips: Care of hair

  • To give actual nutrition for hair, massage two times with tepid oil on the week. Good on blood circulation and united the needed nutrition from this oil massage. 
  • Massage the hair with coconut’s tepid oil before 2-3 hours than washing the hair. Again, wring the Towel, which has drowned into tepid water and wrapped air with this Towel. After keeping it one and half hour wash it.For the neat of hair regularly, wash 2-3 times in week. Wash hair with spume or rice water.
  • Use in the root of the hair of the mixture of one spoon Glycerin, a white part of one egg and two-spoon musk oil. Wash hair after two hours of using this mixture. 
  • To make healthy for hair, cook food on Sunflower’s oil. ‘Asocial Fete Acid’ is in Sunflower’s oil, which helps to hair to make lovely.
  • Destroy the rude from the massage of hair’s root with sunflower’s Oil.
  • The solution of leaving scurf of hair, we have to use in the root of hair of the mixture of lemon juice, coconut oil and Jaitun oil by making tepid.
  • Use the powder of grain of Rapeseed and Fenugreek.
  • Hair will not be dry when we use the two-spoon coconut oil mixing with one spoon lemon juice in the root of hair.
  • To bring bright in hair use the mixture of two teaspoon Mehandi (flour which use in hair), one teaspoon curd, one teaspoon powder of fenugreek’s grain, one big spoon coffee, two big spoon mint juice, two big spoon sacred plant juice. Keep it for two hours. If you want dark color then keep it for 3-4 hours. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Milk for Healthy

Milk is famous as an important element of Panchamrit (a mixture composed of milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar) in Hindu culture. In sight of health also milk’s position is fully high not only religion. Its easily offer for God, father/forefathers/ancestors (pitri), venerable guest and it is nectar for patient or ill or sick or diseased person and helpless person. In public, how much faith towards the milk is proved from the saying “Mother” for Cow.
In Ayurved (science of medicine in Sanskrit), milk call as a delicious, burden, cool and strength of sperm. The drinks of milk take to deep sleep. From the milk made products also we can find nutrition and energy which finds from the milk. Rice-pudding is higher recognized and dearest edible food and solid milk, Khuwa, Peda ( peda means a kind of sweet meat) and all foods are also dear. It is cannot competed with any things for milk in vegetarian foods, drinking taste and arithmetic of health. It is using in various religion, customs and cultures.
It is noun as a nectar-drinking and worship respectably for cow dynasty in Arya culture. Its excellent explains on scriptural books. It uses as a Panchamrit. It is popular as a “Khola (River)” in Jain culture. There is the custom in Jain society that drenches the neat muslin cloth into the milk and dries it when needed drop it into water and make milk and drink it.
In Hindu and some of the countries are sight equally for cow’s milk and mother’s milk it uses to drink and make Chhurpi different items of cow as well as buffalo, yak, sheep and goat.
By the thinking concerning digestive system every age and stage people can drink milk. 
But fat people and unwanted to be fat, they can drink with throwing cream from milk it’s good saying by Physicians, doctor. Natural physician said that 3.5 % fat in the milk with having cream. Likewise, drink milk without cream because of more Cholestrol.
A one healthy person has to drink three glasses milk or things made of milk product per day for keeping health good. Especially vegetarian it is more important because the easiest and easy source of protein energy for vegetarian is milk.
 Do not drink it in the time of air-illness and growth of uric acid. In other it is a compulsory drinks for nutrition and healthy.
Its not any selected this person, this age can drink milk but the much quantity of fat in milk, fat person has to drink cream bring out milk. This is good.
Give drinking natural milk of cow, buffalo from two years to 15 years child. Above six months child who are drinking mother’s milk have to give milk of cow with well boiling.
Some people afraid from the increased of the weight therefore take carefulness in drinking milk and eating milk product things. it is proved by study that in the exercise of decreasing fat body, drinking milk and curd do not block. If person who has weak of bone has practiced to decrease the fat from another method then s/he has not needed to leave milk because Calcium and Protein has naturally in milk. The person who plays game or players have to drink milk compulsory to keep fit and strong for bones.
From the study of scientist, it is known that the prospects of cancer bone decreases 60 % because calcium and vitamin 'd' available into milk.

Several matters related with religion & culture:-

The five parts of a tree (Wanspati Panchang):
1)    Root
2)    Bark
3)    Leaf
4)    Flower
5)    Fruit

The five elements (Panchatattwa):
 1)    Earth
2)    Air
3)    Water
4)    Fire
5)    Sky

The five sense organs (Panchaganendriya):
1)    Ear
2)    Eye
3)    Nose
4)    Tongue
5)    Skin
A mixture composed of milk (Panchamrit):
1)    Milk
2)    Curd
3)    Ghee
4)    Honey
5)    Sugar
Five trees: 
1)    The Banyan tree (Bar)
2)    The Holy fig tree (Peepal)
3)    Silk-cotton tree (Swame)
4)    Cherry Plum (Amala)
5)    The Coral tree (Parijat)

     Five qualities:
1)    Word
2)    Feel
3)    Figure
4)    Juice
5)    Smell

     Body also mends by five elements (Panchatato):
1)    Our body’s holes are the shape of the sky.
2)    Respiration/breath, life as a wind shape
3)    Heat as fire
4)    Blood, sweat, perspiration, vapory as a water shape
5)    Bone, skin as a earth shape

     The five symptoms (especially for students):
1)    As clever as crow
2)    Meditation as like as crane
3)    As sleep as dog
4)    Little feed
5)    Resignation of home

     Five kinds of love:
1)    Watsalya (a parent’s love towards progeny)
2)    Bewilderment or Moha (love between husband & wife)
3)    Passion or Anurag (love between friends)
4)    Longing or Ichchha (love towards material things)
5)    Devotion or Bhakti (love towards God)

     Five duties:
1)    Counting the beads
2)    Sacrifice
3)    Fearful crown
4)    Gratification
5)    Coronation

     Natural disposition:
1)    Non-Interference
2)    Sovereignty
3)    Good Popularity
4)    Peaceful
5)    Mutual help

     Five faces:
1)    Eastern mouth- God Brahma & Earth
2)    Northern mouth- Water & God Vishnu
3)    Southern mouth-Fire and God Rudra
4)    Eastern Mouth-Wind & Fire
5)    Urdh mouth- Sky & Sadashiva

     Five rules which upasakas (Buddhist) observe (five principles of mutual respect for regional integrity & sovereignty) (Panchashil):
1)    Do not kill
2)    Do not steal
3)    Do not lie
4)    Do not use hard drinks
5)    Do not marry

     Five precious things (Pancharatna):

1)    Sapphire
2)    Diamond
3)    Ruby
4)    Pearl
5)    Amethyst or Coral

     Five Budhisattvas (Panchabodisattva):
1)    Samanta Bhadra
2)    Vajrapani
3)    Ratnapani
4)    Padmapani
5)    Viswapani

     The five articles yielded by a cow (Panchagawya):
1)    Milk
2)    Curd or Yoghurt
3)    Clarified Butter
4)    Dung
5)    Urine

     The five virgins the five virgins according to Puranas (Panchakanya):
1)    Achaly
2)    Draupadi
3)    Kunti
4)    Tara
5)    Mandodari

     Five metals (Panchadhatu):
1)    Gold
2)    Silver
3)    Copper
4)    Bell metal
5)    Brass

     Five musical instruments (PancheBaja):
1)    Dhama
2)    Sahanai
3)    Narsinga - A musical wind instrument
4)    Jhyale or Cymbals
5)    Tyamko

     An almanac of Hindu astrology (Panchang):

1)    Day of week
2)    Date
3)    Star constellation of 28 stars
4)    An auspicious moment (junction)
5)    Act or Karn

     Five Bodhisattvas (Panchabodisattva):
1)    Three eyes or trairochan
2)    Ratnasambhav
3)    Achyobha
4)    Amitabh
5)    Amoghasiddhi  
     Five Fathers (Panchapita):
1) Father who gives birth
2) Father-in law
3) King
4) Guru
5) Farmer
 Five festivals (Panchaparwa): 
1)    The eighth day of the lunar fortnight (Ashtame)
2)    14th day of the new moon (Chaturdasi)
3)    A full moon day (Purnima)
4)    The day of the new moon (Ause)
5)    The first day of a month (Rabi Sankranti)

     Five Gods (Panchadev):
1)    Ganesh
2)    Sun (Diwakar)
3)    Devi
4)    Rudra
5)    Vishnu

     Five kinds of grain:
1)    Paddy
2)    Bean
3)    Sesamum seed
4)    Pulse or masa
5)    Barley
Five great religious sacrifices:
1)    Eternal religious sacrifice
2)    Worship to God (A burnt offering)
3)    (Sacrifice to the Ghost)
4)    Obsequial rites in honor of deceased of ancestors
5)    Worship to guest

Five openings of the Pashupatinath:
1)    Tatpurus
2)    Sadhojat
3)    Wamana
4)    Aghor
5)    Esan
                      (Note:- Italic design words are name or Sanskrit word.)

Traditional person and their wives name:-
Persons name ………………………… Wives name…
Veda wyas……………………………….Pingala
Basudev …………………………………Devaki
Agni ……………………………………..Swaha
Siddhartha Gautam (Gautam Buddha)….Yashodhara
Krishna………………………………….Rukmani/ Yashodha

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What kind of religion respects a true religion?

Different and various castes people live in our society. Not all they are regarding one religion. People regarding same religion also have not same concept of related religion. Different people introduce in different words for religion. Someone says divide the pain of sad, poor and wretched people is religion. Someone says worshiping/praying God and keeping spirit calm is religion. Someone says worship God with putting witness inside heart with chastity feeling, not think hurtful, not to do immobility is religion. From above definitions of religion which type definition’s regard as a true religion?
Different people have different idea but also worship God, put Tika(remark), Shiva sound from lips, speak Shiva, Hari Hari; but think hurtful of others in behavior, cheater, how can it be stole, how can be ruled poor in displaying shape with forms as true religious. Like above words thinking hurtful people are also here. People trust on duty and religion in sceptic (godless) society so him/her religion antagonistic is be therefore in displaying shape religion should be, saying and do religion in force. In this way, not true religion is religion, its hypocrisy religion can say.
Homepage (himself saying big by himself) people in society are also present. They are stealing others, not doing any work, some money of stealing help by giving for poor can be, but this help not be religion. It is transient (temporary) pleasure. Help today will subjugation tomorrow for him. Likewise, work one’s spirit hurting put himself/herself spirit calm is irreligious or sin.
Another wing find in society, he/she put witness inside-heart, well-thought, pure idea, free will with cheerfully heart belief God and worship, dutiful towards dance-duty, hatred, far from desire, show kind feeling towards poor and help, respect younger, show right path, respect adult people, follow the order of Guru etc. Like those people in Iron Age find low in numbers. Their criticize people find so many. Like this religion doing society, there are some such fool persons, who always criticize and joke towards God and religion concepts. They oppositely, what is a religion? What kind of shape is? What gets if done religion? Where is God? What does? What when does not belief? Like this not answers and bitter comic story is spread out in society. True religion means that person regards religion those who are involve to develop, high the society in the positive way with settling that old age temple, God’s monastery by re-establishing and not changing own tradition, culture which gives some education and make respectable for violence people or fool person. Lying on the temple with salutation and praying daily for saying to do religion is wrong thinking. Religion is there also on healthy heart where cottage sits in the middle of any forest. It is memorable for future-creatures so divorcing anger, hatred, jealous and be true religious is quality of humanity therefore coming people have to aware the spread out towards true religion own self with other saying by heart-touching than keeping negative thoughts about religion and culture. Exactly this is a religion. 

Some interesting matter of tree plants

Crubi is the plant that increases fast than other plants. It is finding in the jungle of Indonesia. Mainly two characteristics of its first increases fast and second is build big group of flower in plants world. Like full shape young Ring-flower, it is at looking. Full young plant, it is six feet tall and grows up to 15 feet. Its width is up to 8 feet. Its lifetime is so short because its fast grows up.
The plants itself places one place to another. We know that, plant is living-beings therefore it needs air, water, heat and light but not move one place to another likes human beings. However, in searching water the plant finding in east and west of America is move one place to another. The plant that births is in the desert land which name is ‘Risreksan plant’. When there is the absence of water then it takes out root from land and dries up but not dies. It is like ball from dry and seen as dead.
The light-shape ball plant lives many years in taking here and there from air not finding water also. When it finds water then it pulls its root into cool land and again re-life and starts young-increase.
Biggest flower of the world
‘Ralfesiya’ is the strange plant, which finds in Sumatra Jungle. It is strange because it has not trunk and leaf like other plants. It has only one flower. This flower is the biggest flower of the world. Its extension (spreading) is 3 feet. Reach near about seven kilograms a good grows Ralfesiya and as many as seven litres smell coming things can wear by it.
World Biggest Insect
Various kinds of insects find in world, ‘Goliyath’ named insect (Gobryekira/ cow dung insects) is biggest insect find in Africa. This is the biggest of world also. It is six (6) inches long and two hundreds grams. Its body is deep red and multi-coloured (white & black) head in below one inch long with one couple black horn.

Message of Religion

In the world, there are many people with different many religions but the main shape of God is only one. The education ‘Do Bloodshed (murder), give pain to other are sin’ says by all religion. Actually, God gets from only one religion, its not. Any religion we can get God. Current issue of the world is going nowadays as changing religion series. It works work is quietly inhumanity. Work him/her good, spirit is pure, then why is it needed to change religion? A length not any religion shows bad work road.
Daily meditation, only spend time in counting beads and wearing long sandal paste are not to be a religious people. Like ‘a honey tongue a heart of gall’ doing persons are also enough in our society. In reading any religions, in the end result is true vow in thoughts (inside soul or heart). For it is, inter course with good and virtuous action etc are needed. Certainty, that him/her himself/ herself is solemn (genuine, sacred). Religion is transport of lay a hand on hands to take in true way. We are birth births naked, die and return naked, so this language (subject) we have to put in spirit and spirit consideration and go forward. This is yours and this is my, it is wrong to say in living time. Why not as many as full of wealth and power person she/he is, one day surely comes death with him/her also. Wealth will not follow with him/her and not success to safe him/her from death. Thus, put that on spirit we are death manner and do going works.
Speech of truthful is more qualities to get God. In speech be calm, never speak unnecessary subject, not blame anyone and not insult (slander). Never speak rude words. Never give chance to birth that words which creates problems to other. Never leave patience. Impatience produces physical and mental sick for creatures and hard to along from its. Contempt to other, give pain to other and hate to other are big sin. Someone shows their virtue and hide their sin. However, hiding sin goes grow up and it increases numbers. It is good to show sin because it decreases in showing. Not needed to show that justice those have done by him/her. If any person shows, he/she does any kinds of virtue and above the head. From this having, virtue also goes decreasing. Justice means it shown itself it has not needed to show.
Every second goes thought about god and work for society’s good carefully with regarding one second of life is also valuable is a work of fruitful of life and dear pat of God. This is message for us of our religion whichever.
Religion means a transportation of getting God. Suppose, there is in mountain a God origin shape. To go there, there are different various tracks. Whichever tracks, we go that at last destination is one and one. It should we have to consideration on spirit.
Do not hate any religion. For whom desire of which religion regard, give them to regard. Hating religion means hating God.

Merits query of Garlic

Garlic, all we see & heard name. Only not Ayurveda (Aliphatic) but also modern scientific physicians are agrees at its important as a medicine. From ancient time in many countries are using as a medicine. Allicin-s-Allylcysteine & other sulfur compounds found, therefore its physician using growth. In its special kinds of smell found because of this sulfur compounds. Another Allicin element is merits for protection of health. When it (garlic) cuts or grinds its inside chemical comes outside so after grind or cut when we use it is so good and its uses growth.
•    It highs the immunity power of body and helps to provide energy to fight with diseases.
•    It is good point in simple common cold & cough.
•    Different harms of skin likes ripped Acne, we can use garlic grinds with turmeric then helps to recovery & in eating also merits for body.
•    In the situation of pregnancy, less the danger of Pre eclampsia (raised Blood Pressure and Protein retention in Urine). This only not in many different problems of women it plays vital role to solve.
•    It works in cleaning body’s Blood. Help to less the Hypertension.
•    It works as Antibiotic because of power of killing insects. It destroys various kinds’ viruses likes Parasites, Bacteria, Virus and Fungi.
•    Its relation is to solve Digestive tract. Help to out the effective elements from the body, stimulate the Peristaltic motion and produce enzymes. Inside its Antiseptic quality, helps to protect from different communicable diseases that in stomach & intestine & to out side the leech from the body. It is virtues in Drinking in the stage of diarrhea.
•    Explore that to Safe from the fatal diseases like cancer also we can use garlic. Drinking of garlic helps to fight with cancer because of the rising of immunity power. Then likes Allicin and other sulfur elements have Antioxidan Property, from this decrease the built of injurious chemical elements in the body. Above reason are the prospects of cancer so cancer prospects also decrease. In the growth death rate of abdomen of cancer, also decrease present year by the drink of garlic because of low level of Nitrite said scientists. Therefore, daily drink of garlic low the Oesophagus, Stomach, Colon and other danger of Cancer.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Merit query of Bitter Bridle

Bridle Rein is one kind of vegetable fruit growth in wave series. At looking green & eating white, bitter bridle is a useful protein material & medicine merit. Various different protein materials, its taste is bitter because of Meordicine material.
It calls in Sanskrit ‘Kantfal’, ‘Ugrakaad’ & in Hindi ‘Karela’. Its scientific name is ‘Momodica Charntio’. It is in Cucurbitaceae family. In English ‘Balsam Prea’ or Chinese, ‘Bitter Mellon’ is also its name. In aliphatic physician, it puts in various kinds of medicine. Specially, it ends Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, bath and other kinds of diseases. In the view of Yunani physician it play vital role to recovery Dysentery, about urine, to keep mental healthy, Cough, to throw gallstone, paralysis,
Iron, bones, tooth, mind & other physical tools for blood is most important Phosphorus. That imports from Bridle.
One big fit Bridle has 70% Phosphorus, 92.4% water, 20% calcium, 1.6% protein, 4.2% carbohydrate, 0.08 Risa &  0.8% other materials.
Likewise, in 100grams, Bridle vitamin A is 210miligram & vitamin B is 0.07miligrams.
Other merits of its
•    Daily eating its, helps to recovery constipation. It helps to continue digestive system & throw filth.
•    If unlike in eating food, then daily eating Bridle’s vegetable helps to hunger awake up.
•    Rest in old diseases if drink two spoons of Bridle’s juice morning & evening.
•    If its juice place in ringworm, it will good.
•    It is boon for Diabetes Mellitus people. If leaf of Bridle ate, Diabetes Mellitus is better.
•    Get rest for monthly payment period of female from Pain Abdomen. In this situation leaf of Bridle, 2-3 grains black pepper & 1-2 onion eat one time in three days and have rest.
Remember that who has less Anaemia & weak person, those persons have giddiness, nausea or feelings of weakness, they should not drink daily this kind of juice but they can drink weakly or in weak two times drink will also gainful for them. 

Who is big generous?

In the image of generous person, Kana was popular in his period. Another side, Arjun has also big proud to his own generosity. Sometime God Shree(Mr.) Krishna has praised Kana’s generosity in front of Arjun speaking up without any reserve or hesitation. From this wretched Arjun said, “Madhav (Krishna/god)! You always praised Kana & injured my heart. I think you do not know about my generosity so you always said this.” God strikes quiet. One day its subject’s exam also comes. A Brahmin comes at Arjun’s palace & say, “Dhananjay(Arjun)! I heard that no one (a beggar) return back from your palace without empty hand. Today I am in big religion crisis. My wife went the next world (dead) today. Her last wish is her body’s ends with sandalwood. Can you management many as this sandalwood?” “Why not, now it’ll manage.” Arjun answered. Then urgent he said for his worker (servant), “Give him 25 hearts (a weight of forty or 82 Ibs) sandalwood.” Misfortunately, sandalwood was not in markets & feast given to mendicants that day. In the ends, that worker by poor said Arjun, “sandal wood’s management is impossible everywhere.” Brahmin says then now I have to go any others door. Arjun said, ‘Maharaaj! I am poor.’ Then Brahmin went to Kana’s palace. Same as Arjun’s worker Kana’s worker also come without sandalwood. Therefore, Brahmin said, “Maharaj (His majesty)! Now do I return back?” Kana said, “Do not worry. I urgently manage Sandalwood for you.” Many as this he run down his palace’s sandal pillars & fulfill Brahmin’s demand. His building fall down but not return empty hand for Brahmin. & Brahmin does religious ends of wife. In the night, God Krishna is moving with Arjun. In that moving in the grave (a place for burning the bodies of the dead) area there that Brahmin fames, ‘thanks for Kana by repeating, who take out sandal pillars from that golden building for remove my crisis. God bless him.’
     God Krishna looks towards Arjun & said, ‘Arjun! Sandal pillars were also in your palace but not remembrance for you.’ Arjun bows down his head with shy.
                                Oh! God Krishna Hare

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Glory of pious men (Satsanga)

    Inter course with good or pious men means true things related with spirit. That true things spirit itself. All creatures good figure is that spirit. Spirit himself/herself is one full figure but its like far. Not having the knowledge is the cause of spirit itself shown like disappears. Why is it? It is not like it because the unknown of inter course with good. How is it itself? If this question has answered or to find the disappear spirit then we have to go on honest man. Again, where is pious man find? Its answer is finding in worlds educated person (Barma-Gyani) (designer of world, maker, good knowledge person). Where Barmagyani is Guru – be there faith/respect – cheerfully hear the precept. Inter course with good cannot get from uneducated mind. Barmagyani only by reading arms without Barmagyani, spirit-barmen subject’s precept cannot give. Do not friendship with uneducated fool, friendship with knowledgeable be an advantageous. Uneducated fool persons are rounder of arms but spirit-knowledge cannot give by them. Because s/he himself/herself has not understood so, how s/he explains for another? How s/he shows that himself/herself unseen matter to other? If this they show that is opposite way. Those who does not see the road, s/he does not success to show that road likewise he himself clearly has not understood spirit then not origin it is to other to understood. Therefore pious men arms remarks - “oh men! If desires of religious knowledge – trust – go to fairly full all known Guru’s sanctuary (shelter).” “Respected learner & all known (piously educated) Guru’s meet makes only pious man.”
   To get pious men should be various births’ merit. A religious merit spirit gets like above saying pious men’s environment. When will pious men then knows – “I die, birth, aged & touched by disease to body. I am that spirit not birth, not die, not aged & not touched by disease.” Body is rude origin & pain shape. I am true soul, lying on the back & joy character. True means forever things. Lying on the back means own brightness things that not necessary other help. Joy means not touched by pain, worry & terrify, it is imperishable tranquility (happiness). 
   True arms are God’s words (sound). By heartily respect to Guru big fully. If we respect Guru, there goes collecting merit. When merit goes growth then soul be calm (peace). When spirit goes to calm, we get heaven’s (education) perception. From this, we get happiness & peace. When this was not there then not gets imperishable happiness or peace. Doing these true goods, we know purity of works. Whose soul is pure s/he gets four ships (transports). Guru taught them big-sentences. Then his/her spirit produce good-words.
   From true matter’s perception of many soul, where affection lost & life gets heaven. This above saying is Shankaracharya also.
    Inter course with good is big property. When it left, speech also leaves. Here is practical property hard to earn, hard to protect also. Company of a gentle man is an inter course with good. Hell gets from the company with Rough man. Unhappiness occurs always when we did not company with a gentle man. Never be left us by birth & die. Inter course with good is an eye. When this kinds of eye then we get God. When we do this then know – “my body is not bones & skin, nose-eye – hand – legs etc organs. I am knowledgeable; all know person, a perception person, experience & suffer known person, always has brightness & harmony. My relation is not any with world. The world decrease or increase, but I am not a decrease able & increase able deformation body. Always one-sap joyful “I am only known shape.” In this way think & know him/her fairly.
     Touch by gilt (Parasmani) of gold iron will the gold only but not made gold (parasmani). Life be – Shiva from the touch of Barmagyani pious Guru. Only listen is no pious men, realize the listen words & meditate are organs of pious men. Lost the narrow concept is the fruitful of pious men.
    It rids for all sectors, class people to exercise inter course with good. For this, not bind anyone. It is important to do inter course with good for aged, young, child, rich or poor or leaders or people & all. It made all an ideal, actor, honest and so on citizen. Respect is only for this not necessary any variety-sex, variety-caste and so on.
     Respect – fairly when anyone does then be good in behavior also and gets in end final beatitude.
    Inter course with good is biggest than a holy place, a religious vow, counting the beads, penance, gift etc. Heart is neat from inter course with good of fate junction. Drink    inter course with good & arms of true is biggest tool than any other things. Wisdom rises when done inter course with good at sitting home behavior. Spirit-knowledge, god-knowledge & Barmagyani is originated by duty & duty. Left home & went any side, there also needed pious men for knowledge.
    Therefore, Hermit, holy men & true arms said “big money” for it. It is compulsory tools for destroy all pain for imperishable happiness. Its glory was not finished as many as speak. Thus, in this humanity life to drink inter course with good is supreme task.

Religious places of Nepal for Tourism Industry

    The greatest holy place of the Hindu people specially residing in Nepal and India is the great Pashupatinath. It is located in the center of the Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. It is not only the great pilgrim but also a world heritage. Pashupatinath is the name given for lord Shiva. It is the place where millions of Hindu people worship lord Shiva and they pray god for their good future. The place occupies a small Bagmati river, which is also of religious value. There is belief that if any person takes bath in the river, then his/her sin will be gone and the person after death will go to heaven.
    The place consists of many pilgrims, temples, statues, Shiva-Linga and many other historical and religious things. The place is suitable for research on religious things and a good place to visit by a tourist. It is one of the finest places for meditation and any person cannot get more on Hindu society more than from here. The temple is always full of visitors and the devotees are bare footed on the queue to worship lord Shiva. The different Rishi Muni and different swami meditate here to get knowledge and get divine power. Sadhus, Swamis, priests almost all the time pray to god here and put Tika, and give blessings to the visitors.
    The name Pashupati means pashu=cattle & pati= god i.e. cattle’s god. It was named so because a long time ago an oxen or Gai(cow, national animal of Nepal) used to deliver milk only in that place where pasupati lies at present. The place was then a shed, the people got surprised of that, they dug, and finally they found a big statue of lord Shiva. Therefore, for the occasion the cattle found the statue of lord Shiva. Hence, god is named as Pashupatinath and the place as Pashupati.
    Pasupati is a beautiful area covering different temples and stupas(statues). However, the main temple of Pashupatinath is located at the center of the area. It has golden roof and four silver doors at four directions i.e. north, east, south & west. The main occasion like Shiva Ratri, Teej, each Monday of the month Srawan (July & Aug), etc. makes pasupati full with millions of visitors. The people celebrate these occasions very wonderfully. At this period, the pasupati seems like a new broom that is in her wedding dress.
    Millions of people visit pasupati each day for worship, meditation, to perform religious ceremonies. Thousands of people for their personal talks also visit this place; they visit for morning walk too. Since, Nepal is a Hindu kingdom and more than 80% people are Hindu so thousands of people from the same country go to visit it. Hindu culture and tradition seems true here. Therefore, it is your time to visit here. Do not miss your chance. Get a ticket and visit it as soon as possible.
    May Lord Pashupatinath keep you & your family safe and healthy? God bless you!

Muktinath (Final beatitude spot)
Muktinath temple is located at the height of 3,810 meters (13,000 feet) on the Mustang district. This is Hindu & a follower of Gautam Buddha or Buddhism religions people sacred religious place. Continuous burning flame, listen murmur but unseen able river & everlasting elected 108 tapes named “Hansatirtha”, beatitude tank made this place pure & attraction sight view.
Here big festivals celebrate on Rishi-Tarpani (wish, bless), Ram-Nawami (next day of Chaite Dashain of Hindu religion) & Bada Dashain. This temple was first built in local style by King Jumli & that’s place now’s temple is made on 1814 AD (1871 BS). Every year high numbers of tourists & religious r persons reach there so this place is tourist destination.

This is world famous area of a follower of Gautam Buddha or Buddhism, located towards western part of Nepal at Rupendei district. After found out ‘Ashoka’ pillar by Khadga Samser on 1 December 1896, Dr. A.A. Fuhrer studies then first came out Buddha born. King Ashok made another 20 feet tallest Ashoka pillar. Another important is temple of Maya Devi temple. there are other sacred places like ‘Siddhartha Pokhari (pond)’ & ‘Puskarin’ , which is 50/50 feet, it is trust where is an ablution after Buddha’s birth.

Goshahi Kunda (lake)
At the height of 4,602 meters above the sea level, this is located on Bagmati zone on Rasuwa district. This is Hindu religion’s sacred place. In the festival of Janaipurnima here happens big celebrations. The faith that God Shiva shoots Trident (Trisul) & there was come out water, which collection calls Goshahi Lake. From the lake Trisuli river is flow on & some places tank, ponds built Bhairav Tank, Sarswati Lake, Surjay(sun)Lake & Naaga Lake.

Baraha Area
Baraha spot is between the junctions of Koshi & Koka rivers of Koshi Zone, Sunsari district. Here are Guru Baraha, Ganesh temple, Surjay Barha, Koka Barah, Indra Baraha’s temple, Laxmi temple & religious places. In the junction of Koka when we do Shraddha (the offering of water, food; etc. to the Brahmins in honour of deceased ancestors), we get same as Ganga (big bless). Therefore, from this trust, here people came & do Shraddha, a man’s skull bone ending & for pilgrimage. Above hill there is Chaudandi where Sen Bansi Kings was ruled in past.

It is located in Tanauh district of Devghat VDCMaghe-Sankaranti here’s biggest festival celebrate.

It is located at Pyuthan district of Rapti Zone. It is near about 26 kilometers west from headquarter Khalanga. It is the famous religious place at the height of 6,960 feet. From religious & tourism, it is very important area. Every year in Baishak Purnima & Kartik Purnima days, here big festival celebrate. Thousands of Holy religious tourists come from different area of Nepal, India & some other countries to participate on festival.

Lohomanthana is located at the height of 12,000 feet above sea level & 105 kilometers far away from Mustang’s headquarters Jomsom. It is important as a religious, historic & tourism industry. Old Buddhist Monastery & 125 room attached five floors old palace are attraction of here. Ancient archaeological & other things are collected at Mustang.

Ghandruk is important in tourism attraction. It is 42 kilometers near to Kaski district’s headquarters Pokhara to the south. It is Gurung shelter place where the attraction of mountain, trekking & as well as others like Ghatu Naach, Rodi Ghar & Dhan Naach etc programmed and give joy-fun for tourist. Beautiful Sights has seen from all house of Machhapuchre’s two peaks & Annapurna Himals all peaks.

Namche Bazaar  
This is in Solukhumbu district. The entry gate of world highest peak Mount Everest, this Bazaar is 3,440 meters above from the sea level. It is giving opportunity to see the excursion places & mountain climbs. Here Sherpa Basti (village), Buddhist Monastery, mountain climbs training school etc are available.

All the wishes to the success Tourism Year 2011 by Religious tourism

Persons have many desires and interests. Likewise, in many desires one desire is to travel new & new places & enjoy in travel. When somebody goes to another place from his/her area then in simple words we understood him or her as a tourist. Tourists are more interests to excursion new places, new environment & new culture. They are friendly to natural beauty. Therefore, Nepal in geographically small but more & many natural resources, sights made to choose this area for tourists.
  Tourist for religion, tourist travels through religious places, like; temples, Buddhist Monastery (Ghumba), Church & so on. Nepal comes in front of this not only by natural beauty but also in cultural & religious in the world. Here all different religious persons, caste are interesting & enjoying on their own religion. All kinds of caste are success to take place here their own language, caste’s personification & their own identification. Strange relationship between many numbers of castes, so Nepal is called “united single in various”.
    In Nepal, there are various kinds of religious god, goddess temples that written in religious books. Their presence makes beauty. Many and many shapes of Gods Goddess like Pashupatinath (Shiva’s temple), who respected by all Gods also, Bishnu as a Saligram with a shape of Muktinath, Manakamana Mata who fulfills all’s desires, bhagwati’s temples, different strength statues, from years and years , etc religious & spiritually places are available in Nepal. It is call that in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu is higher populated temples, statues than persons are. So it means Nepal has so many temples & religious places. It is the most important places of religious, cultures. It is secure places of purity. The tallest statue of God Shiva’s is here in Banepa of Nepal of the world.
This nation is one & one many religions common religious place. it is tourist destination. It is the cheapest travel destination for tourist also. Biggest man (Maha manav) Gautam Buddha’s birthplace is this land. Here all religions people’s invitation, landing is simple & protect able because of prosperity giving all religions equality.
Nepal Government & all tourism industries programmed “Nepal Tourism Year 2011.” This organized on February 26 (Falgun 14) in Nepal-by-Nepal Government to involve all the sectors & classes with giving slogan “together for tourism.” Its aim is to develop economy & nation’s development in attaching with tourism. Nepal is more interesting country where has big prospects of tourism. Therefore all sectors if advertise this area in the world as a religious tourists for religious purpose then only Nepal Tourism Year 2011 will success.

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Philosophy (Mahabani) of Swami Vivekananda

Those who does not believe him/herself s/he is an atheist.  In ancient time, those people do not believe God they are an atheist.
Where do you go to search God? The entire poor, sad, handicaps are not God. Why do not worship them? Why goes to dig well at the edge of Ganga (river)? Help that person, work for that person, pray for that person, think for that person, take them to be God and then God will show you a good way or road.
To be the welfare of world that should be improve in women’s process system. No welfare that will in the world without women’s system, process improved. Women should be success to solve the problem in own way.
When millions people die from hungry & not having knowledge then those persons, who called them educated persons but not giving time, taking care for sad, poor people, they are a state criminal .
Help. Not condemn. Develop, not destroy. Peace, not quarrel & war.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


It is difficult to explain what life is. Many arguments will be seen while finding the meaning of life. What is life? Is it only the state of being alive? Is it the state in which any organism can breathe, locomotive, reproduce, grow and have some sense of living? Many poets, scholars, professors tried their best to explain what this life is but all of them failed because the meaning they are searching about life they live is very vast. May be they are unsuccessful because they don’t feel the depth of their life which is vaster then this whole universe and explain what they see in this outer world not in inner world.
Life is a journey in which there are many ups and downs. It is a journey which starts from birth and ends with death. The journey begins with birth and many stations or stops or ups and downs can be seen as young, adult, old age stage and life ends with death. Though it is not sure that any person may cross all steps or stations but it is sure that the journey of life will surely ends with death. There is no limit or bound of life but it is also not sure about the age limit because any living things may die at any age. The death of any living things is sure because all living things are mortal. Though some living things may live longer and some living things may die sooner but no living things are immortal.
Life is a race or cycle of struggle. Although many living things will take birth in this world but all of them doesn’t survive in this small but vast world. Those living beings which can struggle in this world only survive. One of the greatest scientists of 19th century, Charles Darwin experimentally explained that only living things must struggle for their survival as “struggle for existence”. Life of living things is struggle. Struggle begins with birth. Any living beings have to struggle with this nature or environment for fulfillment of their basic needs i.e. for food, cloth, shelter, health, education, etc. They have to struggle for air, water, land, etc. They have to struggle hard to breathe or to respire in this industrialist and urbanized world. It is very hard to find fresh environment and fresh natural things including most important things for life like air, water, etc. in this polluted environment. They have to struggle for fulfillment of basic needs and survival. Only beings which can struggle will be the fittest for survival.
Nothing in this world is of the living beings. What have they brought with them when they come in this world? Have they brought anything by birth that they are searching now? They arrived naked but they are searching more and more today, though they haven’t brought anything by birth. Aren’t they fool who is searching more and more from their life? Who are they to search pre-existing materials of the earth? Why are they thinking that pre-existing materials will be theirs if they buy by money made from the same natural things they buy? Why do they find relation with their father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, son, daughter, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, grandson, granddaughter and so on? Do they think they are theirs?
If anyone thinks above mentioned as their things then they are living in the materialistic world and they are a coward or a fool. It is because they are afraid of themselves, their family, their relatives, the society and enemies. It is because they are afraid of their future and whether he/she can fulfill his/her basic needs to fulfill their essentials of life. Only when we can’t struggle or fight of hunger and thrust then we should surrender to others. When we can’t struggle with ups and downs in life, when we can’t struggle for the fulfillment of the basic needs, when we are dying of starvation without cloth, shelter and we can’t fight with our health then only we should beg to others. We should stand on our own. If we can fight or struggle for the basic needs then if we beg to others then we are dependent on others. Only those who are afraid of their future and are coward depend upon other and create relationship with other. In well developed countries like America, UK, Canada, China, Japan the person who is over 18 years of age are send to work and the offspring’s have to struggle to stand on their own. So the relation between different generations is only because of fear to die and is a coward. So we have to come out of this world of networks or life of web and have to fight for our own struggle. It doesn’t mean that we should be selfish and think of own self but it means that we should only help those who can’t fight.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Does earning money get happy, smile ?

    The busy people of this busy world of today's do not have time. The deep dug between the life style of European and American people and that of he Eastern society is very huge and it is very difficult to fill it up. The people who are running behind the money think that humanity, brotherhoods, morality all are nonsense things. They do no case what others are be feeling, other people livening or dying, may for other people disturber or not. They even do not have time to case about their own life and future. They only think money, live for money and die for money. The millionaire also needs money. The poor people need only food for two days but rich people have so much money that it is difficult for them to handle. But s/he is always in search of money. How much money s/he needs? This is all because our society is also suffering from this problem. The person who is rich is the most respected person in this current century. Any person may earn money by stealing, doing different illegal things like corruption, if s/he has money then s/he is respected.

   But in peace process, for build peaceful environment, to protect humanity, to protect property & to encourage bad habits & throw cut, kill process, Its only needed super natural knowledge and behavior. Which help to create peaceful environment and protect the livening & non-livening creatures.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Important to focus super natural matter

     Money is not only material resources but also added super natural or spiritual. People said property of person means only money, land, house etc. Actually the inside knowledge, good manner, habits, inside energy of people is property. Those person who are the winner of wealth or lord of the wealth (Kubera), they are truly uncompleted, unfinished, as blind as Owl (a kind of bird which does not see at day) without kind, religion, justice, the sentiment of sorrow, compassionate, mournful, pleasure, energy, ability, spirituality, feeling of soul etc.
   Therefore, we must be stood above from the shape showing outside only. Thus, grow up the inside thoughts, manners, power to be a complete person.
     Current issue of the world persons, they are unfamiliar/unknown about this super natural knowledge in real or they are acting as an actor and showing unsuitable, ugly act. So to built life fair, clear, brightness etc, it’s needed to focus super natural matter.
Note : Due to the light in house, spirit will not be brightness & there will not bright-beauty life also.