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Friday, November 5, 2010

Historic information about Nepal

Meaning and origin of word “Nepal
Nepal is regarded as a cultural form of ‘Nepa’ word. Tibetan calls ‘Nepa’ for Nepal. Because in Tibetans ‘Ne’ means ‘Centre’ and ‘Pa’ means ‘Country’. In another language of Tibet ‘Ne’ means ‘home’ and ‘Pal’ means ‘wool’, Therefore calls wool’s home.
It explains in feeder chronicle and Sknda Puran’s himawatokhanda (a part of Purans (Purans means Hindu mythology) or Himalayan obstacle) that “Ne” ascetic feeds so this part of the earth named as Nepal.

“Nepa” the only name is used by Newar, which goes after Nepal.

Nepal is mention due to the installation Pashupatinath by Gopal named ‘Nep’. Nep called to the generation of Gopal. Theirs house called Nepal.

The addition of a suffix ‘Aal’ (aal means place) onto ‘Nep’ (lap of mountain) and says Nepal in Sanskrit language.

Nepal means a smooth ground in Limbu language. Here some places are usually cultivated lands so it is Nepal.

Note: It needs more to research in this subject because there is not finding out same opinion whether there are various views in origin of Nepal.

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