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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What kind of religion respects a true religion?

Different and various castes people live in our society. Not all they are regarding one religion. People regarding same religion also have not same concept of related religion. Different people introduce in different words for religion. Someone says divide the pain of sad, poor and wretched people is religion. Someone says worshiping/praying God and keeping spirit calm is religion. Someone says worship God with putting witness inside heart with chastity feeling, not think hurtful, not to do immobility is religion. From above definitions of religion which type definition’s regard as a true religion?
Different people have different idea but also worship God, put Tika(remark), Shiva sound from lips, speak Shiva, Hari Hari; but think hurtful of others in behavior, cheater, how can it be stole, how can be ruled poor in displaying shape with forms as true religious. Like above words thinking hurtful people are also here. People trust on duty and religion in sceptic (godless) society so him/her religion antagonistic is be therefore in displaying shape religion should be, saying and do religion in force. In this way, not true religion is religion, its hypocrisy religion can say.
Homepage (himself saying big by himself) people in society are also present. They are stealing others, not doing any work, some money of stealing help by giving for poor can be, but this help not be religion. It is transient (temporary) pleasure. Help today will subjugation tomorrow for him. Likewise, work one’s spirit hurting put himself/herself spirit calm is irreligious or sin.
Another wing find in society, he/she put witness inside-heart, well-thought, pure idea, free will with cheerfully heart belief God and worship, dutiful towards dance-duty, hatred, far from desire, show kind feeling towards poor and help, respect younger, show right path, respect adult people, follow the order of Guru etc. Like those people in Iron Age find low in numbers. Their criticize people find so many. Like this religion doing society, there are some such fool persons, who always criticize and joke towards God and religion concepts. They oppositely, what is a religion? What kind of shape is? What gets if done religion? Where is God? What does? What when does not belief? Like this not answers and bitter comic story is spread out in society. True religion means that person regards religion those who are involve to develop, high the society in the positive way with settling that old age temple, God’s monastery by re-establishing and not changing own tradition, culture which gives some education and make respectable for violence people or fool person. Lying on the temple with salutation and praying daily for saying to do religion is wrong thinking. Religion is there also on healthy heart where cottage sits in the middle of any forest. It is memorable for future-creatures so divorcing anger, hatred, jealous and be true religious is quality of humanity therefore coming people have to aware the spread out towards true religion own self with other saying by heart-touching than keeping negative thoughts about religion and culture. Exactly this is a religion. 

Some interesting matter of tree plants

Crubi is the plant that increases fast than other plants. It is finding in the jungle of Indonesia. Mainly two characteristics of its first increases fast and second is build big group of flower in plants world. Like full shape young Ring-flower, it is at looking. Full young plant, it is six feet tall and grows up to 15 feet. Its width is up to 8 feet. Its lifetime is so short because its fast grows up.
The plants itself places one place to another. We know that, plant is living-beings therefore it needs air, water, heat and light but not move one place to another likes human beings. However, in searching water the plant finding in east and west of America is move one place to another. The plant that births is in the desert land which name is ‘Risreksan plant’. When there is the absence of water then it takes out root from land and dries up but not dies. It is like ball from dry and seen as dead.
The light-shape ball plant lives many years in taking here and there from air not finding water also. When it finds water then it pulls its root into cool land and again re-life and starts young-increase.
Biggest flower of the world
‘Ralfesiya’ is the strange plant, which finds in Sumatra Jungle. It is strange because it has not trunk and leaf like other plants. It has only one flower. This flower is the biggest flower of the world. Its extension (spreading) is 3 feet. Reach near about seven kilograms a good grows Ralfesiya and as many as seven litres smell coming things can wear by it.
World Biggest Insect
Various kinds of insects find in world, ‘Goliyath’ named insect (Gobryekira/ cow dung insects) is biggest insect find in Africa. This is the biggest of world also. It is six (6) inches long and two hundreds grams. Its body is deep red and multi-coloured (white & black) head in below one inch long with one couple black horn.

Message of Religion

In the world, there are many people with different many religions but the main shape of God is only one. The education ‘Do Bloodshed (murder), give pain to other are sin’ says by all religion. Actually, God gets from only one religion, its not. Any religion we can get God. Current issue of the world is going nowadays as changing religion series. It works work is quietly inhumanity. Work him/her good, spirit is pure, then why is it needed to change religion? A length not any religion shows bad work road.
Daily meditation, only spend time in counting beads and wearing long sandal paste are not to be a religious people. Like ‘a honey tongue a heart of gall’ doing persons are also enough in our society. In reading any religions, in the end result is true vow in thoughts (inside soul or heart). For it is, inter course with good and virtuous action etc are needed. Certainty, that him/her himself/ herself is solemn (genuine, sacred). Religion is transport of lay a hand on hands to take in true way. We are birth births naked, die and return naked, so this language (subject) we have to put in spirit and spirit consideration and go forward. This is yours and this is my, it is wrong to say in living time. Why not as many as full of wealth and power person she/he is, one day surely comes death with him/her also. Wealth will not follow with him/her and not success to safe him/her from death. Thus, put that on spirit we are death manner and do going works.
Speech of truthful is more qualities to get God. In speech be calm, never speak unnecessary subject, not blame anyone and not insult (slander). Never speak rude words. Never give chance to birth that words which creates problems to other. Never leave patience. Impatience produces physical and mental sick for creatures and hard to along from its. Contempt to other, give pain to other and hate to other are big sin. Someone shows their virtue and hide their sin. However, hiding sin goes grow up and it increases numbers. It is good to show sin because it decreases in showing. Not needed to show that justice those have done by him/her. If any person shows, he/she does any kinds of virtue and above the head. From this having, virtue also goes decreasing. Justice means it shown itself it has not needed to show.
Every second goes thought about god and work for society’s good carefully with regarding one second of life is also valuable is a work of fruitful of life and dear pat of God. This is message for us of our religion whichever.
Religion means a transportation of getting God. Suppose, there is in mountain a God origin shape. To go there, there are different various tracks. Whichever tracks, we go that at last destination is one and one. It should we have to consideration on spirit.
Do not hate any religion. For whom desire of which religion regard, give them to regard. Hating religion means hating God.

Merits query of Garlic

Garlic, all we see & heard name. Only not Ayurveda (Aliphatic) but also modern scientific physicians are agrees at its important as a medicine. From ancient time in many countries are using as a medicine. Allicin-s-Allylcysteine & other sulfur compounds found, therefore its physician using growth. In its special kinds of smell found because of this sulfur compounds. Another Allicin element is merits for protection of health. When it (garlic) cuts or grinds its inside chemical comes outside so after grind or cut when we use it is so good and its uses growth.
•    It highs the immunity power of body and helps to provide energy to fight with diseases.
•    It is good point in simple common cold & cough.
•    Different harms of skin likes ripped Acne, we can use garlic grinds with turmeric then helps to recovery & in eating also merits for body.
•    In the situation of pregnancy, less the danger of Pre eclampsia (raised Blood Pressure and Protein retention in Urine). This only not in many different problems of women it plays vital role to solve.
•    It works in cleaning body’s Blood. Help to less the Hypertension.
•    It works as Antibiotic because of power of killing insects. It destroys various kinds’ viruses likes Parasites, Bacteria, Virus and Fungi.
•    Its relation is to solve Digestive tract. Help to out the effective elements from the body, stimulate the Peristaltic motion and produce enzymes. Inside its Antiseptic quality, helps to protect from different communicable diseases that in stomach & intestine & to out side the leech from the body. It is virtues in Drinking in the stage of diarrhea.
•    Explore that to Safe from the fatal diseases like cancer also we can use garlic. Drinking of garlic helps to fight with cancer because of the rising of immunity power. Then likes Allicin and other sulfur elements have Antioxidan Property, from this decrease the built of injurious chemical elements in the body. Above reason are the prospects of cancer so cancer prospects also decrease. In the growth death rate of abdomen of cancer, also decrease present year by the drink of garlic because of low level of Nitrite said scientists. Therefore, daily drink of garlic low the Oesophagus, Stomach, Colon and other danger of Cancer.