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Thursday, September 16, 2010

All the wishes to the success Tourism Year 2011 by Religious tourism

Persons have many desires and interests. Likewise, in many desires one desire is to travel new & new places & enjoy in travel. When somebody goes to another place from his/her area then in simple words we understood him or her as a tourist. Tourists are more interests to excursion new places, new environment & new culture. They are friendly to natural beauty. Therefore, Nepal in geographically small but more & many natural resources, sights made to choose this area for tourists.
  Tourist for religion, tourist travels through religious places, like; temples, Buddhist Monastery (Ghumba), Church & so on. Nepal comes in front of this not only by natural beauty but also in cultural & religious in the world. Here all different religious persons, caste are interesting & enjoying on their own religion. All kinds of caste are success to take place here their own language, caste’s personification & their own identification. Strange relationship between many numbers of castes, so Nepal is called “united single in various”.
    In Nepal, there are various kinds of religious god, goddess temples that written in religious books. Their presence makes beauty. Many and many shapes of Gods Goddess like Pashupatinath (Shiva’s temple), who respected by all Gods also, Bishnu as a Saligram with a shape of Muktinath, Manakamana Mata who fulfills all’s desires, bhagwati’s temples, different strength statues, from years and years , etc religious & spiritually places are available in Nepal. It is call that in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu is higher populated temples, statues than persons are. So it means Nepal has so many temples & religious places. It is the most important places of religious, cultures. It is secure places of purity. The tallest statue of God Shiva’s is here in Banepa of Nepal of the world.
This nation is one & one many religions common religious place. it is tourist destination. It is the cheapest travel destination for tourist also. Biggest man (Maha manav) Gautam Buddha’s birthplace is this land. Here all religions people’s invitation, landing is simple & protect able because of prosperity giving all religions equality.
Nepal Government & all tourism industries programmed “Nepal Tourism Year 2011.” This organized on February 26 (Falgun 14) in Nepal-by-Nepal Government to involve all the sectors & classes with giving slogan “together for tourism.” Its aim is to develop economy & nation’s development in attaching with tourism. Nepal is more interesting country where has big prospects of tourism. Therefore all sectors if advertise this area in the world as a religious tourists for religious purpose then only Nepal Tourism Year 2011 will success.

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