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Friday, November 5, 2010

Short related matter with Buddha

Location of Buddha’s (a follower of Gautam Buddha) excursion;
Swyambhu Mahawihar  in Nepal
Tripitak Mahawihar in Tibet                   
Tamrasila Wihar in Sri Lanka 
Bikramsila Wihar in India
Tachhyasila Wihar in Pakistan
Swarnsila Wihar in Thailand

Note: - “Mahawihar” means “Great Excursion”.

Four dwellings of Bauddha Religion:-
Lumbini, the Birthplace of Lord Buddha
Bodhgaya, where Buddha gets Buddhato
Saranatha, the first Precept
Kushenagar, Mahaparinirwan

Tripitak is a main composition of Buddha religion. Pitakas are three in this book. Sukti, Binaya and Abhidhamma are three Pitakas. Precept of Buddha in Sukti Pitaka, rules that to obey by mendicants and exhibition of Buddha are written.

Meaning of five colors related with Buddha religion;
Blue means body of Buddha.
Red means Blood of Buddha.
Yellow means the root of word Asthidhatu
Dark Red means mind of Buddha.
White color means teeth of Buddha

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