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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Merits query of Garlic

Garlic, all we see & heard name. Only not Ayurveda (Aliphatic) but also modern scientific physicians are agrees at its important as a medicine. From ancient time in many countries are using as a medicine. Allicin-s-Allylcysteine & other sulfur compounds found, therefore its physician using growth. In its special kinds of smell found because of this sulfur compounds. Another Allicin element is merits for protection of health. When it (garlic) cuts or grinds its inside chemical comes outside so after grind or cut when we use it is so good and its uses growth.
•    It highs the immunity power of body and helps to provide energy to fight with diseases.
•    It is good point in simple common cold & cough.
•    Different harms of skin likes ripped Acne, we can use garlic grinds with turmeric then helps to recovery & in eating also merits for body.
•    In the situation of pregnancy, less the danger of Pre eclampsia (raised Blood Pressure and Protein retention in Urine). This only not in many different problems of women it plays vital role to solve.
•    It works in cleaning body’s Blood. Help to less the Hypertension.
•    It works as Antibiotic because of power of killing insects. It destroys various kinds’ viruses likes Parasites, Bacteria, Virus and Fungi.
•    Its relation is to solve Digestive tract. Help to out the effective elements from the body, stimulate the Peristaltic motion and produce enzymes. Inside its Antiseptic quality, helps to protect from different communicable diseases that in stomach & intestine & to out side the leech from the body. It is virtues in Drinking in the stage of diarrhea.
•    Explore that to Safe from the fatal diseases like cancer also we can use garlic. Drinking of garlic helps to fight with cancer because of the rising of immunity power. Then likes Allicin and other sulfur elements have Antioxidan Property, from this decrease the built of injurious chemical elements in the body. Above reason are the prospects of cancer so cancer prospects also decrease. In the growth death rate of abdomen of cancer, also decrease present year by the drink of garlic because of low level of Nitrite said scientists. Therefore, daily drink of garlic low the Oesophagus, Stomach, Colon and other danger of Cancer.

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