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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Milk for Healthy

Milk is famous as an important element of Panchamrit (a mixture composed of milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar) in Hindu culture. In sight of health also milk’s position is fully high not only religion. Its easily offer for God, father/forefathers/ancestors (pitri), venerable guest and it is nectar for patient or ill or sick or diseased person and helpless person. In public, how much faith towards the milk is proved from the saying “Mother” for Cow.
In Ayurved (science of medicine in Sanskrit), milk call as a delicious, burden, cool and strength of sperm. The drinks of milk take to deep sleep. From the milk made products also we can find nutrition and energy which finds from the milk. Rice-pudding is higher recognized and dearest edible food and solid milk, Khuwa, Peda ( peda means a kind of sweet meat) and all foods are also dear. It is cannot competed with any things for milk in vegetarian foods, drinking taste and arithmetic of health. It is using in various religion, customs and cultures.
It is noun as a nectar-drinking and worship respectably for cow dynasty in Arya culture. Its excellent explains on scriptural books. It uses as a Panchamrit. It is popular as a “Khola (River)” in Jain culture. There is the custom in Jain society that drenches the neat muslin cloth into the milk and dries it when needed drop it into water and make milk and drink it.
In Hindu and some of the countries are sight equally for cow’s milk and mother’s milk it uses to drink and make Chhurpi different items of cow as well as buffalo, yak, sheep and goat.
By the thinking concerning digestive system every age and stage people can drink milk. 
But fat people and unwanted to be fat, they can drink with throwing cream from milk it’s good saying by Physicians, doctor. Natural physician said that 3.5 % fat in the milk with having cream. Likewise, drink milk without cream because of more Cholestrol.
A one healthy person has to drink three glasses milk or things made of milk product per day for keeping health good. Especially vegetarian it is more important because the easiest and easy source of protein energy for vegetarian is milk.
 Do not drink it in the time of air-illness and growth of uric acid. In other it is a compulsory drinks for nutrition and healthy.
Its not any selected this person, this age can drink milk but the much quantity of fat in milk, fat person has to drink cream bring out milk. This is good.
Give drinking natural milk of cow, buffalo from two years to 15 years child. Above six months child who are drinking mother’s milk have to give milk of cow with well boiling.
Some people afraid from the increased of the weight therefore take carefulness in drinking milk and eating milk product things. it is proved by study that in the exercise of decreasing fat body, drinking milk and curd do not block. If person who has weak of bone has practiced to decrease the fat from another method then s/he has not needed to leave milk because Calcium and Protein has naturally in milk. The person who plays game or players have to drink milk compulsory to keep fit and strong for bones.
From the study of scientist, it is known that the prospects of cancer bone decreases 60 % because calcium and vitamin 'd' available into milk.

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