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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Who is big generous?

In the image of generous person, Kana was popular in his period. Another side, Arjun has also big proud to his own generosity. Sometime God Shree(Mr.) Krishna has praised Kana’s generosity in front of Arjun speaking up without any reserve or hesitation. From this wretched Arjun said, “Madhav (Krishna/god)! You always praised Kana & injured my heart. I think you do not know about my generosity so you always said this.” God strikes quiet. One day its subject’s exam also comes. A Brahmin comes at Arjun’s palace & say, “Dhananjay(Arjun)! I heard that no one (a beggar) return back from your palace without empty hand. Today I am in big religion crisis. My wife went the next world (dead) today. Her last wish is her body’s ends with sandalwood. Can you management many as this sandalwood?” “Why not, now it’ll manage.” Arjun answered. Then urgent he said for his worker (servant), “Give him 25 hearts (a weight of forty or 82 Ibs) sandalwood.” Misfortunately, sandalwood was not in markets & feast given to mendicants that day. In the ends, that worker by poor said Arjun, “sandal wood’s management is impossible everywhere.” Brahmin says then now I have to go any others door. Arjun said, ‘Maharaaj! I am poor.’ Then Brahmin went to Kana’s palace. Same as Arjun’s worker Kana’s worker also come without sandalwood. Therefore, Brahmin said, “Maharaj (His majesty)! Now do I return back?” Kana said, “Do not worry. I urgently manage Sandalwood for you.” Many as this he run down his palace’s sandal pillars & fulfill Brahmin’s demand. His building fall down but not return empty hand for Brahmin. & Brahmin does religious ends of wife. In the night, God Krishna is moving with Arjun. In that moving in the grave (a place for burning the bodies of the dead) area there that Brahmin fames, ‘thanks for Kana by repeating, who take out sandal pillars from that golden building for remove my crisis. God bless him.’
     God Krishna looks towards Arjun & said, ‘Arjun! Sandal pillars were also in your palace but not remembrance for you.’ Arjun bows down his head with shy.
                                Oh! God Krishna Hare

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