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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nepal is the second richest country after Brazil in the world in water.

Nepal is the second richest country after Brazil in the world in water. It is small in area but naturally, it is very important country in the universe. Water is very important source in the natural sources. In Nepal, there are six thousands small and big rivers flow. Their width is 45 thousand kilometers. The power of water is two lakhs two thousand million cubic. From this water resource around 83 thousand megawatt (MW) electricity can produce and provide irrigation facility for 80 hectares of land. Technologically and economically around thirty-two thousand mega watt (32,000 MW) from Karnali River, twenty-two thousand megawatt (22,000 MW) from Koshi River, twenty-one thousand megawatt 21,000 MW) from Gandaki River and eight thousand megawatt (8,000 MW) from other Rivers has potentiality to produce electricity. Then total productivity power of electricity is 83,000 MW.

Likewise, attractive Lakes, Glacier, Waterfalls, spring are located in Nepal.

Coconut is a main harvest of Maldives.

Maldives is a one nation of SAARC where has not any river. It is called “Flower of the Indies”. The daily post of Maldives is Asfathis/Havearu. Coconut is a main harvest of this country. SAARC Chamber of Commerce at Dhaka established SAARC Product Council on 1995 (2052 BS Mansir 27) and divided SAARC countries for different product, through this Maldives for Sea Product.

Independence Day of Maldives is on 26 July.

National Flowers of SAARC Country

Nepal ………… Rhododendron
India ………….. Lotus
Pakistan ………. Jasmine
Bangladesh ........ Shalpa
Sri Lanka ……... Blue Water Lily
Bhutan ………... Blue Poppy
Maldives ……… Pink Rose

Monday, December 6, 2010


YasraGumba is the Tibetan named of plant. In Tibetan language, “Yachara” means rainy grass & Kumba means winter insect. Winter insect is only inside the land & in the rainy season from these insects mouth one kind of soft grass crop out like mushroom. It swings when wind is not also because of the crop from mouth of lining creature. It finds above 15,000 feet of mountain parts. From the drink of this, sex excitement grows and energy increases on body.