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Friday, November 5, 2010

Where who see God?

A farmer says on paddy.
A gentle says on respect/prestige.
A rich says in money.
A poor says in heart.
Newar (one kind of caste of Nepal) says at Bhimsen Thaan (a religious place of Newari people).
A singer of Hymn says in song of praise.
A demon in drinking devil.
A butcher says in drinking blood.
A listener says in ear.
Singer says in singing.
Player of musical instrument says in tune/loom/warp.
A proud says in an intimation/sign/ a hint.
Acharya (educated person or MA passed person) says in Gita’s spirit marrow.
Mechanic says in electronic wave.
Hooligan (a showy person or a dandy) says in massacre bloodshed.
Thief says in thorny bar.
A goldsmith says in gold necklace.
Portion says in bell metal jug.
A scientist says in computer.
Judge says in authority or rights.
Child says in sweet bread (a kind of circular Nepali loaf, sweet sel).
A woman says in the paternal home of her (the maternal home of married woman) oil.
Player says in his/her own game.
Boatman says in big surge (spate or flood or torrent).
Prisoner says in dark jail.
Jailer says on hand’s irons.
The public says in unity.
A leader says in the net/snare/trap fraud.

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