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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

God of Day

Sunday        : Agni  (Fire / a God name)
Monday      : Jal   (Water)
Tuesday      : Bhumi (Land)
Wednesday : Hari (name of God)
Friday         : Indrayani 
Saturday     : Brahma (Braha)
Note: This list is According to Hindu Religion.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Welcome (Video) Tourism

Nepal Tourism Year 2011

Welcome to You and to Your Family, Friends and .... all of you. Come, Walk and Travel Nepal For Tourism.

Together For Tourism,Tourism For Prosperity,Prosperity For Peace.........,,,,,,

Friday, June 17, 2011

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One day of student

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This Fine Life: A Novel
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

We are Nepali

Nepal is a multi-religious, multi-ethnic, multicultural nation. Where different religions, cultures, caste people are living. Geographically Nepal is divided into Himal, Mountain, Tearai although here's people are united in one. Here are many peoples live with different religions Like; Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, Christian, Kirat, etc. And festival is also have different nature, moment on their celebrating. According to cast community, they speak different languagesBetween this what and whatever but Nepali peoples are united  and living friendly like a family. Which reminds or shows "Nepalipan" clearly.  Where any religion, any cast, any occupation, any area they live but also all Nepali signed  a sense of "We are Nepali" by their heart.

King Birendra

He was born on 2002 Paush 14 (Friday, December 28, 1945) as a elder or first son of Crown Prince Mahendra and Crown Princess Indrarajya Lakshmi  Devi Shah. For him called Nawyuwraaj on 2011 Chaitra 1, Upanayan on 2019, occasion of complete age on 2022 and wedding ceremony on 2026 with Aishwarya Rajya Lakshmi Dewi. After the death of King Mahendra (his father) On 2031 Falgun 12 (Monday, February 24, 1975), He was the king of Nepal. In his raajyabhishek (Ceremony of telling King) ceremony, he purposed to to call Nepal as a Peace Area (shantikshetra) towards foreign guests. On his purpose 116 nations support.  
Likewise, some events happen on his period are :-  .
  • Announced Opinion vision  on 2036,
  • Declaration of Development sectors,
  • Formed of SAARC Union,
  • Open restrictions of politics party on 2046 Chaitra 26 (Sunday, April 8, 1990),
  • Release of Nepal constitution 2047,
  • Began of Maoist guerrillas war.
List of Prime Minister on his period :-
  • Kirtinidhi Bista
  • Nagendraprasad Rijal
  • Dr. Tulsi Giri
  • Surya Bahadur Thapa 
  • Lokendra Bahadur Chand
  • Mrichmansinah best
  • Krishna Prasad Bhattarai 
  • Girija Prasad Koirala
  • Manmohan Adhikari and
  • Sher Bahadur Deuwa
In this way on 2058 Jestha 19 (Friday, June 1, 2001), at 9 O, clock of Friday     night, he was dead at Narayanhiti palace in gun firing. Which was the most sad /sorrow day.
According to above, for full description Click .... click this.... and for Nepali Translate..

Is Man Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian ?

Human beings is clearly/purely a vegetarian creature. From its structure, natural behavior, habbits and others qualities proved.
  • In Anatomically thinking also human beings is a vegetarian creature because of its build structure of teeth which are stand in one line like Goat, Buffalo, Monkey etc. But carnivorous  creatures like tiger, cat, dog teeth are Canine teeth which are big than humans and for to chew meat.
  • Bad smell comes from elbow meat for us but dog is chewing this kind of meat along.
  • Daily eating of milk, curd, greens doesn't distaste. But when give us or we eat meat for 10-15 days it will create distaste. So we are vegetarian. But another side for tiger, cat, dog eating daily meat don't create any distaste. 
  • There is difference in drinking water also. Dog, cat chew the water but human beings, cow, goat don't.
  • On Pathological Examination, Cholesterol on blood of carnivorous human which create disease of heart and Blood pressure.  ................................................For Nepali Translate

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nepal In World Heritage Site

By UNESCO of UNO 's specialized institution has listed in World Heritage Site List (World Property List) above 900 natural, historical, religious, cultural or archaeological feature from world. Due to this, from Nepal two national parks Sagarmatha and Chitwan as well as Lumbini, Pashupati likewise ,  eight culturals and historical sites are listed. They are;
 Heritage Sites of Nepal: -

  • Lumbini      highlights        Birthplace of Buddha, Mayadewi's Temple, Ashoka Pillar, Pond, Museums, etc. 
  • Pashupati Area   highlights      Pashupatinath Temple, Jay Bageswori, Devpatan (Deopatrton), Swleshamantka Forest, Guheshowri, etc. 
  • Changunarayan    highlights       Changunarayan temple, Shilaalekh (inscriptions / writing on stones), etc. 
  • Boudhanath    highlights      Statue of Buddha 
  • Swhyambunath    highlights      Biggest Statue of Buddha on Nepal, Statue, Monastery etc. 
  • Sagarmatha National Park     highlights     Mountains like; Sagarmatha, Lhotse, Choyu, and Lophophorus,  Snow-Leopard etc 
  • Chitwan National Park      highlights      One-horn Rhinoceros, Pate Bagh (Tiger), Peacock etc., Various Animals and plants.
  • Hanumandhoka Durwar (palace) Area      highlights    Kashthamandap, Statue Hanuman, Basantpur Palace, Taleju Temple, Miss home (Kumarighar), Museum etc. 
  • Area of Patan Palace     highlights       Krishna Temple, Mahabouddh, Rato (Red) Machchindranath (God of Rain) temple, Museum etc. 
  • Bhaktpur Palace Area   highlights     Pachpana Jhyale Durwar (Palace of 55 windows, Nyatpole Temple, Swarndwar Door of Beauty/heaven), Museums etc.  
                                                                                                                        For Nepali Language Click