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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some interesting matter of tree plants

Crubi is the plant that increases fast than other plants. It is finding in the jungle of Indonesia. Mainly two characteristics of its first increases fast and second is build big group of flower in plants world. Like full shape young Ring-flower, it is at looking. Full young plant, it is six feet tall and grows up to 15 feet. Its width is up to 8 feet. Its lifetime is so short because its fast grows up.
The plants itself places one place to another. We know that, plant is living-beings therefore it needs air, water, heat and light but not move one place to another likes human beings. However, in searching water the plant finding in east and west of America is move one place to another. The plant that births is in the desert land which name is ‘Risreksan plant’. When there is the absence of water then it takes out root from land and dries up but not dies. It is like ball from dry and seen as dead.
The light-shape ball plant lives many years in taking here and there from air not finding water also. When it finds water then it pulls its root into cool land and again re-life and starts young-increase.
Biggest flower of the world
‘Ralfesiya’ is the strange plant, which finds in Sumatra Jungle. It is strange because it has not trunk and leaf like other plants. It has only one flower. This flower is the biggest flower of the world. Its extension (spreading) is 3 feet. Reach near about seven kilograms a good grows Ralfesiya and as many as seven litres smell coming things can wear by it.
World Biggest Insect
Various kinds of insects find in world, ‘Goliyath’ named insect (Gobryekira/ cow dung insects) is biggest insect find in Africa. This is the biggest of world also. It is six (6) inches long and two hundreds grams. Its body is deep red and multi-coloured (white & black) head in below one inch long with one couple black horn.

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