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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Religious places of Nepal for Tourism Industry

    The greatest holy place of the Hindu people specially residing in Nepal and India is the great Pashupatinath. It is located in the center of the Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. It is not only the great pilgrim but also a world heritage. Pashupatinath is the name given for lord Shiva. It is the place where millions of Hindu people worship lord Shiva and they pray god for their good future. The place occupies a small Bagmati river, which is also of religious value. There is belief that if any person takes bath in the river, then his/her sin will be gone and the person after death will go to heaven.
    The place consists of many pilgrims, temples, statues, Shiva-Linga and many other historical and religious things. The place is suitable for research on religious things and a good place to visit by a tourist. It is one of the finest places for meditation and any person cannot get more on Hindu society more than from here. The temple is always full of visitors and the devotees are bare footed on the queue to worship lord Shiva. The different Rishi Muni and different swami meditate here to get knowledge and get divine power. Sadhus, Swamis, priests almost all the time pray to god here and put Tika, and give blessings to the visitors.
    The name Pashupati means pashu=cattle & pati= god i.e. cattle’s god. It was named so because a long time ago an oxen or Gai(cow, national animal of Nepal) used to deliver milk only in that place where pasupati lies at present. The place was then a shed, the people got surprised of that, they dug, and finally they found a big statue of lord Shiva. Therefore, for the occasion the cattle found the statue of lord Shiva. Hence, god is named as Pashupatinath and the place as Pashupati.
    Pasupati is a beautiful area covering different temples and stupas(statues). However, the main temple of Pashupatinath is located at the center of the area. It has golden roof and four silver doors at four directions i.e. north, east, south & west. The main occasion like Shiva Ratri, Teej, each Monday of the month Srawan (July & Aug), etc. makes pasupati full with millions of visitors. The people celebrate these occasions very wonderfully. At this period, the pasupati seems like a new broom that is in her wedding dress.
    Millions of people visit pasupati each day for worship, meditation, to perform religious ceremonies. Thousands of people for their personal talks also visit this place; they visit for morning walk too. Since, Nepal is a Hindu kingdom and more than 80% people are Hindu so thousands of people from the same country go to visit it. Hindu culture and tradition seems true here. Therefore, it is your time to visit here. Do not miss your chance. Get a ticket and visit it as soon as possible.
    May Lord Pashupatinath keep you & your family safe and healthy? God bless you!

Muktinath (Final beatitude spot)
Muktinath temple is located at the height of 3,810 meters (13,000 feet) on the Mustang district. This is Hindu & a follower of Gautam Buddha or Buddhism religions people sacred religious place. Continuous burning flame, listen murmur but unseen able river & everlasting elected 108 tapes named “Hansatirtha”, beatitude tank made this place pure & attraction sight view.
Here big festivals celebrate on Rishi-Tarpani (wish, bless), Ram-Nawami (next day of Chaite Dashain of Hindu religion) & Bada Dashain. This temple was first built in local style by King Jumli & that’s place now’s temple is made on 1814 AD (1871 BS). Every year high numbers of tourists & religious r persons reach there so this place is tourist destination.

This is world famous area of a follower of Gautam Buddha or Buddhism, located towards western part of Nepal at Rupendei district. After found out ‘Ashoka’ pillar by Khadga Samser on 1 December 1896, Dr. A.A. Fuhrer studies then first came out Buddha born. King Ashok made another 20 feet tallest Ashoka pillar. Another important is temple of Maya Devi temple. there are other sacred places like ‘Siddhartha Pokhari (pond)’ & ‘Puskarin’ , which is 50/50 feet, it is trust where is an ablution after Buddha’s birth.

Goshahi Kunda (lake)
At the height of 4,602 meters above the sea level, this is located on Bagmati zone on Rasuwa district. This is Hindu religion’s sacred place. In the festival of Janaipurnima here happens big celebrations. The faith that God Shiva shoots Trident (Trisul) & there was come out water, which collection calls Goshahi Lake. From the lake Trisuli river is flow on & some places tank, ponds built Bhairav Tank, Sarswati Lake, Surjay(sun)Lake & Naaga Lake.

Baraha Area
Baraha spot is between the junctions of Koshi & Koka rivers of Koshi Zone, Sunsari district. Here are Guru Baraha, Ganesh temple, Surjay Barha, Koka Barah, Indra Baraha’s temple, Laxmi temple & religious places. In the junction of Koka when we do Shraddha (the offering of water, food; etc. to the Brahmins in honour of deceased ancestors), we get same as Ganga (big bless). Therefore, from this trust, here people came & do Shraddha, a man’s skull bone ending & for pilgrimage. Above hill there is Chaudandi where Sen Bansi Kings was ruled in past.

It is located in Tanauh district of Devghat VDCMaghe-Sankaranti here’s biggest festival celebrate.

It is located at Pyuthan district of Rapti Zone. It is near about 26 kilometers west from headquarter Khalanga. It is the famous religious place at the height of 6,960 feet. From religious & tourism, it is very important area. Every year in Baishak Purnima & Kartik Purnima days, here big festival celebrate. Thousands of Holy religious tourists come from different area of Nepal, India & some other countries to participate on festival.

Lohomanthana is located at the height of 12,000 feet above sea level & 105 kilometers far away from Mustang’s headquarters Jomsom. It is important as a religious, historic & tourism industry. Old Buddhist Monastery & 125 room attached five floors old palace are attraction of here. Ancient archaeological & other things are collected at Mustang.

Ghandruk is important in tourism attraction. It is 42 kilometers near to Kaski district’s headquarters Pokhara to the south. It is Gurung shelter place where the attraction of mountain, trekking & as well as others like Ghatu Naach, Rodi Ghar & Dhan Naach etc programmed and give joy-fun for tourist. Beautiful Sights has seen from all house of Machhapuchre’s two peaks & Annapurna Himals all peaks.

Namche Bazaar  
This is in Solukhumbu district. The entry gate of world highest peak Mount Everest, this Bazaar is 3,440 meters above from the sea level. It is giving opportunity to see the excursion places & mountain climbs. Here Sherpa Basti (village), Buddhist Monastery, mountain climbs training school etc are available.

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