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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Does earning money get happy, smile ?

    The busy people of this busy world of today's do not have time. The deep dug between the life style of European and American people and that of he Eastern society is very huge and it is very difficult to fill it up. The people who are running behind the money think that humanity, brotherhoods, morality all are nonsense things. They do no case what others are be feeling, other people livening or dying, may for other people disturber or not. They even do not have time to case about their own life and future. They only think money, live for money and die for money. The millionaire also needs money. The poor people need only food for two days but rich people have so much money that it is difficult for them to handle. But s/he is always in search of money. How much money s/he needs? This is all because our society is also suffering from this problem. The person who is rich is the most respected person in this current century. Any person may earn money by stealing, doing different illegal things like corruption, if s/he has money then s/he is respected.

   But in peace process, for build peaceful environment, to protect humanity, to protect property & to encourage bad habits & throw cut, kill process, Its only needed super natural knowledge and behavior. Which help to create peaceful environment and protect the livening & non-livening creatures.

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