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Friday, September 3, 2010

Important to focus super natural matter

     Money is not only material resources but also added super natural or spiritual. People said property of person means only money, land, house etc. Actually the inside knowledge, good manner, habits, inside energy of people is property. Those person who are the winner of wealth or lord of the wealth (Kubera), they are truly uncompleted, unfinished, as blind as Owl (a kind of bird which does not see at day) without kind, religion, justice, the sentiment of sorrow, compassionate, mournful, pleasure, energy, ability, spirituality, feeling of soul etc.
   Therefore, we must be stood above from the shape showing outside only. Thus, grow up the inside thoughts, manners, power to be a complete person.
     Current issue of the world persons, they are unfamiliar/unknown about this super natural knowledge in real or they are acting as an actor and showing unsuitable, ugly act. So to built life fair, clear, brightness etc, it’s needed to focus super natural matter.
Note : Due to the light in house, spirit will not be brightness & there will not bright-beauty life also.

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