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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What kind of religion respects a true religion?

Different and various castes people live in our society. Not all they are regarding one religion. People regarding same religion also have not same concept of related religion. Different people introduce in different words for religion. Someone says divide the pain of sad, poor and wretched people is religion. Someone says worshiping/praying God and keeping spirit calm is religion. Someone says worship God with putting witness inside heart with chastity feeling, not think hurtful, not to do immobility is religion. From above definitions of religion which type definition’s regard as a true religion?
Different people have different idea but also worship God, put Tika(remark), Shiva sound from lips, speak Shiva, Hari Hari; but think hurtful of others in behavior, cheater, how can it be stole, how can be ruled poor in displaying shape with forms as true religious. Like above words thinking hurtful people are also here. People trust on duty and religion in sceptic (godless) society so him/her religion antagonistic is be therefore in displaying shape religion should be, saying and do religion in force. In this way, not true religion is religion, its hypocrisy religion can say.
Homepage (himself saying big by himself) people in society are also present. They are stealing others, not doing any work, some money of stealing help by giving for poor can be, but this help not be religion. It is transient (temporary) pleasure. Help today will subjugation tomorrow for him. Likewise, work one’s spirit hurting put himself/herself spirit calm is irreligious or sin.
Another wing find in society, he/she put witness inside-heart, well-thought, pure idea, free will with cheerfully heart belief God and worship, dutiful towards dance-duty, hatred, far from desire, show kind feeling towards poor and help, respect younger, show right path, respect adult people, follow the order of Guru etc. Like those people in Iron Age find low in numbers. Their criticize people find so many. Like this religion doing society, there are some such fool persons, who always criticize and joke towards God and religion concepts. They oppositely, what is a religion? What kind of shape is? What gets if done religion? Where is God? What does? What when does not belief? Like this not answers and bitter comic story is spread out in society. True religion means that person regards religion those who are involve to develop, high the society in the positive way with settling that old age temple, God’s monastery by re-establishing and not changing own tradition, culture which gives some education and make respectable for violence people or fool person. Lying on the temple with salutation and praying daily for saying to do religion is wrong thinking. Religion is there also on healthy heart where cottage sits in the middle of any forest. It is memorable for future-creatures so divorcing anger, hatred, jealous and be true religious is quality of humanity therefore coming people have to aware the spread out towards true religion own self with other saying by heart-touching than keeping negative thoughts about religion and culture. Exactly this is a religion. 

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