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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Glory of pious men (Satsanga)

    Inter course with good or pious men means true things related with spirit. That true things spirit itself. All creatures good figure is that spirit. Spirit himself/herself is one full figure but its like far. Not having the knowledge is the cause of spirit itself shown like disappears. Why is it? It is not like it because the unknown of inter course with good. How is it itself? If this question has answered or to find the disappear spirit then we have to go on honest man. Again, where is pious man find? Its answer is finding in worlds educated person (Barma-Gyani) (designer of world, maker, good knowledge person). Where Barmagyani is Guru – be there faith/respect – cheerfully hear the precept. Inter course with good cannot get from uneducated mind. Barmagyani only by reading arms without Barmagyani, spirit-barmen subject’s precept cannot give. Do not friendship with uneducated fool, friendship with knowledgeable be an advantageous. Uneducated fool persons are rounder of arms but spirit-knowledge cannot give by them. Because s/he himself/herself has not understood so, how s/he explains for another? How s/he shows that himself/herself unseen matter to other? If this they show that is opposite way. Those who does not see the road, s/he does not success to show that road likewise he himself clearly has not understood spirit then not origin it is to other to understood. Therefore pious men arms remarks - “oh men! If desires of religious knowledge – trust – go to fairly full all known Guru’s sanctuary (shelter).” “Respected learner & all known (piously educated) Guru’s meet makes only pious man.”
   To get pious men should be various births’ merit. A religious merit spirit gets like above saying pious men’s environment. When will pious men then knows – “I die, birth, aged & touched by disease to body. I am that spirit not birth, not die, not aged & not touched by disease.” Body is rude origin & pain shape. I am true soul, lying on the back & joy character. True means forever things. Lying on the back means own brightness things that not necessary other help. Joy means not touched by pain, worry & terrify, it is imperishable tranquility (happiness). 
   True arms are God’s words (sound). By heartily respect to Guru big fully. If we respect Guru, there goes collecting merit. When merit goes growth then soul be calm (peace). When spirit goes to calm, we get heaven’s (education) perception. From this, we get happiness & peace. When this was not there then not gets imperishable happiness or peace. Doing these true goods, we know purity of works. Whose soul is pure s/he gets four ships (transports). Guru taught them big-sentences. Then his/her spirit produce good-words.
   From true matter’s perception of many soul, where affection lost & life gets heaven. This above saying is Shankaracharya also.
    Inter course with good is big property. When it left, speech also leaves. Here is practical property hard to earn, hard to protect also. Company of a gentle man is an inter course with good. Hell gets from the company with Rough man. Unhappiness occurs always when we did not company with a gentle man. Never be left us by birth & die. Inter course with good is an eye. When this kinds of eye then we get God. When we do this then know – “my body is not bones & skin, nose-eye – hand – legs etc organs. I am knowledgeable; all know person, a perception person, experience & suffer known person, always has brightness & harmony. My relation is not any with world. The world decrease or increase, but I am not a decrease able & increase able deformation body. Always one-sap joyful “I am only known shape.” In this way think & know him/her fairly.
     Touch by gilt (Parasmani) of gold iron will the gold only but not made gold (parasmani). Life be – Shiva from the touch of Barmagyani pious Guru. Only listen is no pious men, realize the listen words & meditate are organs of pious men. Lost the narrow concept is the fruitful of pious men.
    It rids for all sectors, class people to exercise inter course with good. For this, not bind anyone. It is important to do inter course with good for aged, young, child, rich or poor or leaders or people & all. It made all an ideal, actor, honest and so on citizen. Respect is only for this not necessary any variety-sex, variety-caste and so on.
     Respect – fairly when anyone does then be good in behavior also and gets in end final beatitude.
    Inter course with good is biggest than a holy place, a religious vow, counting the beads, penance, gift etc. Heart is neat from inter course with good of fate junction. Drink    inter course with good & arms of true is biggest tool than any other things. Wisdom rises when done inter course with good at sitting home behavior. Spirit-knowledge, god-knowledge & Barmagyani is originated by duty & duty. Left home & went any side, there also needed pious men for knowledge.
    Therefore, Hermit, holy men & true arms said “big money” for it. It is compulsory tools for destroy all pain for imperishable happiness. Its glory was not finished as many as speak. Thus, in this humanity life to drink inter course with good is supreme task.

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