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Saturday, September 11, 2010


It is difficult to explain what life is. Many arguments will be seen while finding the meaning of life. What is life? Is it only the state of being alive? Is it the state in which any organism can breathe, locomotive, reproduce, grow and have some sense of living? Many poets, scholars, professors tried their best to explain what this life is but all of them failed because the meaning they are searching about life they live is very vast. May be they are unsuccessful because they don’t feel the depth of their life which is vaster then this whole universe and explain what they see in this outer world not in inner world.
Life is a journey in which there are many ups and downs. It is a journey which starts from birth and ends with death. The journey begins with birth and many stations or stops or ups and downs can be seen as young, adult, old age stage and life ends with death. Though it is not sure that any person may cross all steps or stations but it is sure that the journey of life will surely ends with death. There is no limit or bound of life but it is also not sure about the age limit because any living things may die at any age. The death of any living things is sure because all living things are mortal. Though some living things may live longer and some living things may die sooner but no living things are immortal.
Life is a race or cycle of struggle. Although many living things will take birth in this world but all of them doesn’t survive in this small but vast world. Those living beings which can struggle in this world only survive. One of the greatest scientists of 19th century, Charles Darwin experimentally explained that only living things must struggle for their survival as “struggle for existence”. Life of living things is struggle. Struggle begins with birth. Any living beings have to struggle with this nature or environment for fulfillment of their basic needs i.e. for food, cloth, shelter, health, education, etc. They have to struggle for air, water, land, etc. They have to struggle hard to breathe or to respire in this industrialist and urbanized world. It is very hard to find fresh environment and fresh natural things including most important things for life like air, water, etc. in this polluted environment. They have to struggle for fulfillment of basic needs and survival. Only beings which can struggle will be the fittest for survival.
Nothing in this world is of the living beings. What have they brought with them when they come in this world? Have they brought anything by birth that they are searching now? They arrived naked but they are searching more and more today, though they haven’t brought anything by birth. Aren’t they fool who is searching more and more from their life? Who are they to search pre-existing materials of the earth? Why are they thinking that pre-existing materials will be theirs if they buy by money made from the same natural things they buy? Why do they find relation with their father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, son, daughter, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, grandson, granddaughter and so on? Do they think they are theirs?
If anyone thinks above mentioned as their things then they are living in the materialistic world and they are a coward or a fool. It is because they are afraid of themselves, their family, their relatives, the society and enemies. It is because they are afraid of their future and whether he/she can fulfill his/her basic needs to fulfill their essentials of life. Only when we can’t struggle or fight of hunger and thrust then we should surrender to others. When we can’t struggle with ups and downs in life, when we can’t struggle for the fulfillment of the basic needs, when we are dying of starvation without cloth, shelter and we can’t fight with our health then only we should beg to others. We should stand on our own. If we can fight or struggle for the basic needs then if we beg to others then we are dependent on others. Only those who are afraid of their future and are coward depend upon other and create relationship with other. In well developed countries like America, UK, Canada, China, Japan the person who is over 18 years of age are send to work and the offspring’s have to struggle to stand on their own. So the relation between different generations is only because of fear to die and is a coward. So we have to come out of this world of networks or life of web and have to fight for our own struggle. It doesn’t mean that we should be selfish and think of own self but it means that we should only help those who can’t fight.

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