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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Merit query of Bitter Bridle

Bridle Rein is one kind of vegetable fruit growth in wave series. At looking green & eating white, bitter bridle is a useful protein material & medicine merit. Various different protein materials, its taste is bitter because of Meordicine material.
It calls in Sanskrit ‘Kantfal’, ‘Ugrakaad’ & in Hindi ‘Karela’. Its scientific name is ‘Momodica Charntio’. It is in Cucurbitaceae family. In English ‘Balsam Prea’ or Chinese, ‘Bitter Mellon’ is also its name. In aliphatic physician, it puts in various kinds of medicine. Specially, it ends Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, bath and other kinds of diseases. In the view of Yunani physician it play vital role to recovery Dysentery, about urine, to keep mental healthy, Cough, to throw gallstone, paralysis,
Iron, bones, tooth, mind & other physical tools for blood is most important Phosphorus. That imports from Bridle.
One big fit Bridle has 70% Phosphorus, 92.4% water, 20% calcium, 1.6% protein, 4.2% carbohydrate, 0.08 Risa &  0.8% other materials.
Likewise, in 100grams, Bridle vitamin A is 210miligram & vitamin B is 0.07miligrams.
Other merits of its
•    Daily eating its, helps to recovery constipation. It helps to continue digestive system & throw filth.
•    If unlike in eating food, then daily eating Bridle’s vegetable helps to hunger awake up.
•    Rest in old diseases if drink two spoons of Bridle’s juice morning & evening.
•    If its juice place in ringworm, it will good.
•    It is boon for Diabetes Mellitus people. If leaf of Bridle ate, Diabetes Mellitus is better.
•    Get rest for monthly payment period of female from Pain Abdomen. In this situation leaf of Bridle, 2-3 grains black pepper & 1-2 onion eat one time in three days and have rest.
Remember that who has less Anaemia & weak person, those persons have giddiness, nausea or feelings of weakness, they should not drink daily this kind of juice but they can drink weakly or in weak two times drink will also gainful for them. 

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