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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Message of Religion

In the world, there are many people with different many religions but the main shape of God is only one. The education ‘Do Bloodshed (murder), give pain to other are sin’ says by all religion. Actually, God gets from only one religion, its not. Any religion we can get God. Current issue of the world is going nowadays as changing religion series. It works work is quietly inhumanity. Work him/her good, spirit is pure, then why is it needed to change religion? A length not any religion shows bad work road.
Daily meditation, only spend time in counting beads and wearing long sandal paste are not to be a religious people. Like ‘a honey tongue a heart of gall’ doing persons are also enough in our society. In reading any religions, in the end result is true vow in thoughts (inside soul or heart). For it is, inter course with good and virtuous action etc are needed. Certainty, that him/her himself/ herself is solemn (genuine, sacred). Religion is transport of lay a hand on hands to take in true way. We are birth births naked, die and return naked, so this language (subject) we have to put in spirit and spirit consideration and go forward. This is yours and this is my, it is wrong to say in living time. Why not as many as full of wealth and power person she/he is, one day surely comes death with him/her also. Wealth will not follow with him/her and not success to safe him/her from death. Thus, put that on spirit we are death manner and do going works.
Speech of truthful is more qualities to get God. In speech be calm, never speak unnecessary subject, not blame anyone and not insult (slander). Never speak rude words. Never give chance to birth that words which creates problems to other. Never leave patience. Impatience produces physical and mental sick for creatures and hard to along from its. Contempt to other, give pain to other and hate to other are big sin. Someone shows their virtue and hide their sin. However, hiding sin goes grow up and it increases numbers. It is good to show sin because it decreases in showing. Not needed to show that justice those have done by him/her. If any person shows, he/she does any kinds of virtue and above the head. From this having, virtue also goes decreasing. Justice means it shown itself it has not needed to show.
Every second goes thought about god and work for society’s good carefully with regarding one second of life is also valuable is a work of fruitful of life and dear pat of God. This is message for us of our religion whichever.
Religion means a transportation of getting God. Suppose, there is in mountain a God origin shape. To go there, there are different various tracks. Whichever tracks, we go that at last destination is one and one. It should we have to consideration on spirit.
Do not hate any religion. For whom desire of which religion regard, give them to regard. Hating religion means hating God.

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