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Saturday, June 4, 2011

To Recover Gastric

  • Balance on eating foods and take meal in time to time.
  • Take meal in an interval of three hours.
  • Drink milk If not getting anything to eat.
  • Increase on drinking or eating (eat more) fruits.
  • Remove constipation (kabjiyat).
  • Remove worm  (virus/insects on stomach) of Stomach.
  • Ground Powder is biggest medicine of Gastric. It exploit bile and also work as a meal/diet.
  • Two spoon Powder or Gels have Magnesium Tricillicate on Elhapeithik medicines eat four times of day.
  • Get Rest on stomach paining and Gastric when we/you eat one spoon Nutrodona Powder 3-4 times of day.
  • Another biggest medicine of Gastric is Water. One hour After or before of meal drinking water gives rest on burning on stomach.
  • In morning always eating cucumber and if not eating curd then in 20-2 days, Gastric will recover itself.
  • Cells excited on mind when smoking so it creates more and more acid on stomach. Thus decreasing smoking and left it take big helps on recovering Gastric.
  • Doing light exercise, moving/walking at morning time, doing light physical works also take better on Gastric.

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