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Friday, February 11, 2011

Maldives: Group of 2000 islands between the Hinda Mahaasagar

Maldives is one part of SAARC. It is the Group of 2000 islands between the Hinda Mahaasagar. It’s a part of SAARC also. The capital of this country is Male. Its area is Two hundreds Ninety-eight (298) square kilometers where near about 3,49,106 peoples are living. The money or capital calls Rupees. Ruling system is Republic or Ganatantra.
The per capita income of person is above 2390. It is a one South Asian Association of Regional Co-operation country where have not any river. The religion is Islam. The national language or main language is Diwehee. The national Flower of this country is Pink Rose.

Voice of Maldives is a Radio Station and Television Maldives is a Television of this country. The air services are Air Maldives and Maldives Sipin. On 1965 AD September 21st it was taken membership of UNO.

Independence Day of Maldives is on 26 July.

Coconut is a main harvest of Maldives.

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