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Friday, February 11, 2011

Bhutan, a King Rulling Country

Bhutan is South Asian country. The boundary of this country is on the north and east China, on South India. The capital of this country is Thimpu. Its area is Six lakhs Forty-seven Thousands Five hundreds (47,000) square kilometers where near about 22,32,291 peoples are living. The money or capital calls Negultram. The per capita income of person is above 870. Ruling system is Kingdom. Parliament is Tshogdu. It has Eighteen (18) districts. The national language or main languages are Jonkha, Lohatsaam and Nepali. The main religions are Hindu and Buddha. The national Flower of this country is Blue Poppy.

Bhutan Broadcasting Corporation is a Government Radio Station of this country. The air service is Druk Air. On 1971 AD September 21 it was taken membership of UNO. It is a SAARC Country.

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