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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

India an one SAARC Country

India is one largest country of SAARC. India is known as "Bhaarat". It is one of the countries of South Asia. It’s a part of SAARC also. The boundary of this country on the west is Pakistan and ArabSagar, on the north borders Nepal, China and Bhutan, on the Eastern side Myanmar and Bangladesh and southern border Hinda Mahaasagar and Sri Lanka.

It's area is Thirty-two lakhs Eighty-two thousands Five hundreds and Ninety (32,87,590) square kilometers where near about 1,08,02,64,388 peoples are living.

The capital of this country is New Delhi.

The money or capital calls Rupees.

The religions are Hindu, Islam and so on.

The national languages are Hindi and English.

The per capita income of person is above $ 720 (American dollar).

Radio means AIR or Aakashbani.

Television is Durdarsan.

The air services are Air India, Indian Airlines.

On 1945 AD Octuber 30 it was taken membership of UNO.

It gets Independence on 15 August, 1947 AD.

The national Flower of this country is Lotus.

The Game is Hockey.

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