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Friday, June 3, 2011

Stop Smoking

Drinking Tobacco or materials of Tobacco is Smoking (In Nepali Language: "DHUMRAPAN"). Cigarette, Bidi, khaini, Tamokhu, Kankad, Hemp (Gajja ) etc are Smoking goods. The materials of Tobacco or smoking is one openly using inebriating things in the world, in which an injurious/harmful Nicotine  name chemical material is found.
Reasons of Youth follow/associate/collide bad habit of Smoking are as follows:-
  • Follow Imitation of others
  • Other members of home take smoking and environment of home is also going  encouraging that side.
  • Incline or take a side on the deception of friends and take smoke on the pressure of friends.
  • Taking smoking as a sign of fashion and to show him/her smart Youth use Tobacco.
  • Uncontrollably produce of Tobacco goods and Youth attracted towards Smoking on influence by attractive/beautiful advertisement.
  • The false achievement or concept is in mind, that release/liberty/free from unnecessary worry/anxiety/trouble.
  • Increase growth of unemployment problems and for entertainment also its (smoking/Tobacco) taken.

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