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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is Man Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian ?

Human beings is clearly/purely a vegetarian creature. From its structure, natural behavior, habbits and others qualities proved.
  • In Anatomically thinking also human beings is a vegetarian creature because of its build structure of teeth which are stand in one line like Goat, Buffalo, Monkey etc. But carnivorous  creatures like tiger, cat, dog teeth are Canine teeth which are big than humans and for to chew meat.
  • Bad smell comes from elbow meat for us but dog is chewing this kind of meat along.
  • Daily eating of milk, curd, greens doesn't distaste. But when give us or we eat meat for 10-15 days it will create distaste. So we are vegetarian. But another side for tiger, cat, dog eating daily meat don't create any distaste. 
  • There is difference in drinking water also. Dog, cat chew the water but human beings, cow, goat don't.
  • On Pathological Examination, Cholesterol on blood of carnivorous human which create disease of heart and Blood pressure.  ................................................For Nepali Translate

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