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Friday, June 3, 2011

Food is main biggest medicine

This is one proved statement when a person does not improve own his/her feed then for him/her from treatment cannot give complete benefit/welfare. There is one principle that Alkaline is in human blood. When person is being that Alkaline, person is in healthy. On the other hand, when in that increase of acid then person goes suffers from each or any disease. Thus, it is important to take alkalize foods for us. We should eat Foods those have Alkaline like; bread of flour with dregs/bran, rice has dot, seasonal fruits, and all green-vegetables. On other opposite/against of this, we should not eat those foods those have acidic like; floor dismiss/take out dregs, polished rice, sugar, tea, coffee, alcohol, wine, chili,  items fried or roasted of chili, gunpowder/sauce/spice/condiment (cooked with oil) etc.

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