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Friday, January 21, 2011

Ranipokhari ...... At Ratnapark, Kathmandu Nepal

Ranipokhari is located near northern side of Ratnapark, Kathmandu. It established on 1727 BS. King Pratap Malla had said to build this Ranipokhari for his queen/wife Bhuvan Laxmi Malla to amuse her heart which was sorrow or sad from his/her son Chkrabtendra's death. Its width is 180 meters and 142 lengths. Which area is 32 Ropani. To build this Pokhari 5 years time was taken. it is also called BishnuTirtha. Vrateswor Bhimeswor Mahadev, GauriShankar Mahadev and BalGopal Jees statues are between of this Pokhari. Only one day of Tihar (Deepawali) this Pokhari's middle temple open. Where sisters who have not their brother they used to worship.
In foreside of this Ranipokhari, North and Northern corner, there was building Bhairba, South east corner Mahalaxmi and Southwest Swora Hate Ganesh.
From 2063 BS Tarai's people who were living Kathmandu used to celebrate Chhad Festival.

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